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My Breast Health

So, I went in yesterday to get the repeat impressions aka mammograms of both breasts. Remember I posted about them wanting to repeat the test in my post Damn You Breasts? I had to have a repeat because they saw fibroglandular tissue (density) in the picture. It shows up as white on the pictures. But, so does cancer.


Which is why they had to repeat the pictures. But, can I just say this…mammograms hurt. They hurt like hell. Probably more if you’re like me…a member of the itty bitty titty club. But, I digress.

She took me back in that cold room and said “I got a smaller tray to take the pictures now.” She actually smiled. I looked at her like she was crazy and thought “the instrument of death is made smaller?”

Yep. They make a smaller compression plate for small chested women like me. Woohoo! I guess I should be thankful? Do a happy dance or something?


I stood there as my head was pushed up against the machine and the death machine began descending on my breast like a wheel of torture. I screamed in pain. The 800 mg of Motrin that I drank with a venti iced coffee didn’t work. I cursed myself for not taking an Oxycontin for pain before going back in to repeat this test. The tech pushed and manipulated my breasts to get them just right for the picture. I was in pain.

“I’m sorry sweetie. Please don’t move. Please don’t breathe” she said. I remember seeing the light and thinking “This is it. I’m coming sweet baby Jesus. Help me Lord!”. My head was pressed against the plastic and I couldn’t breathe. I heard the picture take and the plate lift up and breathed a sigh of  a relief. On to the next one.

My breasts aren’t as big as hers in the picture so you see the plastic plate descending on her breast? It hurts like hell.

Same process. I almost passed out and I’m pretty sure I cursed the woman out in my head. Not in person of course, but in my head. She asked me to take a seat in the waiting room and went to show the doctor my new pictures.

And guess what? Everything turned out wonderfully. The doctor reviewed my labs and said everything was great and that they were sending a report to my doctor.

Whew! Thank you Jesus. Ya’ll know I did my praise dance right there right?

giphy (1)

Well, I am truly thankful that everything is okay and that we started discussing breast health. Wow! This blogger community and the women surrounding me were so helpful and reassuring. Encouragement and assurances surrounded me in my time of need. I am forever thankful.

It is a blessing to know that breast health is important to all women and it’s a sisterhood circle that we share. We all have breasts. We understand the importance of checking our breasts and routine care. We are united. Thank you ladies.

And yes it hurt like hell! Small chested women have real problems too. LOL.


  1. What???
    I missed the other post!
    Thank ya Jesus! So glad the news was good!
    We have ‘fibrous’ breast too so I understand.
    Girl that pic of that woman in the yellow is killing me!!!
    By the way, I shouted you out on My Jams ’78; please check it out when you have time 😉

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  2. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum and it hurts just as bad at that end too! lol. They keep saying, “Just a little bit more, just a little bit more” as they are already squishing out the edges!

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  3. So glad you got good news! This post caught my eye right away because I just had my mammogram last week 🙂 I never like it, that’s for sure! But just has to be done, it feels great to know everything is ok! Enjoy the weekend, Jenny

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  4. Tikeetha, I am so happy the result were good. It is such a worry ! I am also one of those small breasted woman, and need and should go for a mammo, but honestly I am petrified ! I think it the fear of the unknown…
    Anyway. so pleased for you. 🙂 You deserve for things to go right for you 🙂 x

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  5. Thank you for posting this! I had to go with my mom to get hers done when she had a benign “abnormality” as they called it. And let me tell ya, it isn’t easy for big boobed women either haha! I felt so bad when I heard all the stories she shared with me 😦 And a man did it! My poor mama was so uncomfortable. But thank goodness you are okay, I’m so happy 🙂

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