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I felt my stomach. It was still big. The baby that no longer grew in my womb had me obsessed to get my body back. I wanted to make sure that my husband still found me attractive.

“Ugh” I sighed as I looked at the excess skin around my mid-section. I had to get this weight off. I know it’s only been a week, but I need to update my Instagram page. I need to show everyone how I got my sexy back. Delivering a baby is no big deal. We can all be beautiful and fabulous after child birth.

I thought about all the women that were younger than me that just bounced back after a baby.  The celebrities in all the magazines I obsessed over. All of those women got their body’s back in no time. I wondered what was their secret. They must have a trainer and a chef. That’s what I needed.

I bounced down the steps and went in search of my husband. He would understand. He would get me what I needed. He knew I obsessed over my looks. I wanted to be perfect for him. I liked to be noticed.

I found him in the baby’s room. The baby must be downstairs with his mom I thought. Bill is such a hands on father. He would just sit in the baby’s room for hours prior to me giving birth. He was obsessed with us being parents.

I smiled. He was a great husband. I was really lucky to have him.

His back was turned away from me. I approached him slowly and said “Hi, I need a personal trainer. I need a chef. The weight is not coming off” I said loudly. He didn’t even turn around. He didn’t even look at me. “Honey, did you hear me?” I asked.


I started getting angry at the fact that he was ignoring me. “Bill, I’m tired. I’m fat. I want to get my sexy back. I want you to find me attractive again baby. Can I please get a personal trainer and a chef?”

No response.

What the hell is wrong with Bill? Why is he not responding to me? What the hell is he looking at? 

I approached him calmly. I peered over his shoulders and saw what he was looking at.

My obituary was laying in the empty crib.



This post was part of the Daily Prompt. Today’s word was obsessed


  1. Dammit Kee, my heart just sunk. You have a way with words and the depth of your content is amazing. I can’t understand why there isn’t a book yet. Smdh. Stop playing.
    Ok, I’m done. Love you Chica.💋

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