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Motivational Monday Moment – 9/12/16

Happy Monday Folks!

It’s been a helluva week. From coming home to Tennessee to today it seems that I can’t get a break. But, I wanted to share with you my Motivational Monday Moment for today. Today I’m motivated by genuine kindness.


Let me tell you what’s going on…

Last week was incredibly busy with some unexpected twists and turns which I will share with you in a separate post. However, one thing that touched me is the genuineness that I experienced with my new boss. This genuine kindness has inspired my motivational Monday moment.

As many of you may know, I started a new job on June 20th. I was excited, honored and scared when offered this amazing opportunity. We negotiated some and I think we all ended up at a happy medium. But, one thing that I told them when I sat down for the second round of interviews is that I’m a mother first.


I’m a mother before I’m a business woman or employee. I’m a  mother. Munch is the light of my life and the greatest gift God gave me so I need to be present for him always. Now, you know when you interview, people will agree or tell you things that make you think that they are okay with that, but then change their minds later?

Ever had that happen? Think about some of the relationships you’ve had whether romantic or friendships or professional. Promises can be fleeting in corporate America. I even reiterated that when I accepted the job. I explained that I had just moved and that my son is going to a new school. He’s going to be riding a school bus and I needed flexibility for the first month of school. My new boss agreed.

I accepted the job.

That flexibility was tested this month. Let me tell you how. I am entering my busiest season for a benefits manager…Annual Enrollment. I am working on multiple projects, managing my staff and writing. Don’t forget the many meetings and phone calls that I’m receiving daily. You get the picture?

I’m swamped.

I was out of the office 9/1-9/6 when I went home to Tennessee. I returned and went to work on 9/7. I attended Back to School Night that evening (separate post) and went home. Munch was waiting up for me and we talked and he told me some disturbing things. I will also share those in a separate post, but one of those items caused me to email the new principal, new assistant principal, his teacher and guidance counselor.

The guidance counselor reached out to me immediately and wanted to speak with me in person. I was excited that she took my concerns seriously and I had to leave work early on Thursday after being out for two days already to meet with her about Munch. My boss was very encouraging and told me don’t worry about it. Take care of Munch.


I was so happy and thankful for her spirit. I can’t function if my baby is not good. Number one thing to know about me. If Munch is hurting whether physically, spiritually and/or emotionally. I left work at 2pm to go and meet them.

The next day I had to leave work early to go and pick Munch up because he got a wart on his foot that had been hurting and the Dermatologist had a cancellation. My boss was cool again when I left early and I had to take Munch from school and then to his doctor. Another early day.

Genuine kindness is sometimes the hardest things that people can do. But, look how blessed that kindness has made me. She didn’t have to be cool with my unexpected absences and I’m a new employee, but she was. That allowed me to handle my son’s issues, check emails remotely and still know what is going on. It allowed me to focus on the most important job in the world…being a mommy.


So, that’s my Motivational Monday Moment. I want us all to practice the habit of being kind. Not just for the sake of it, but because we genuinely are concerned about the welfare of others. That we know by being kind we are doing nothing more than what we would expect from others. I felt like I was falling with the amount of stress that I was carrying with trying to deal with Munch’s new school issues, but my boss’ genuine act of kindness changed that feeling. Let’s make everyone feel this way.





Disclaimer: I own no rights to these photos. I got them from a Google search.


  1. Glad to hear that you are better Sis! Keep on being an excellent mom!
    Smart leaders know that folks are much more productive in the long run when they can take time to handle legit business-especially mama business 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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