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Election Day – Part 1

I’ve stayed away from discussions about the election for numerous reasons, mainly because I don’t want to engage in a back and forth argument over which candidate is the best. At this point, neither is that great. However, I do believe in the importance of voting.

It is a right that I don’t take for granted. I am black. Voting wasn’t granted to my ancestors even after freedom was. That being said we need to exercise the right to vote. Even when the options seem slim.

My son has been getting all into this election mainly because Nickelodeon has been running ads to educate the kids on the voting process. He goes to school and they discuss politics. He’s only in the 3rd grade, yet he has an unwavering ability to let you know who you shouldn’t vote for and his reason is simple “I don’t like who he is”.

Pretty interesting huh? He’s 8.

I early voted here in Maryland last week. It was my first time early voting. I’ve taken my son to the polls every time since he was born on election day. This was the third time for the presidential election, but every time we have an election I bring him along. I want him to understand the importance and value in voting.

Last week when we went out trick or treating in a well off area where the candy is plentiful and the gifts are amazing (they gave brand new books to each child) we walked the streets admiring the costumes and houses knowing that we wouldn’t be able to afford a house in this neighborhood. Prices were well over 1 million dollars and as a single parent with one income, unless I sell “sex on the corner”, it ain’t happening. At least not now.

So many people trick or treat in this neighborhood far and wide. The people are always friendly and they really go out of their way to decorate their houses and yards and make it fun for the kids. Year after year, we’re never disappointed. I’ve brought friends with me for the last three years and they love it too.

Well, we’re walking along a street and Munch is yelling “Trick or Treat” well before he gets to the house in anticipation of his candy. He laughs and says thank you after a treat. One house we stopped at had a sign supporting their presidential candidate choice in their front yard. Munch looked at it and asked the woman “Why do you have that Trump sign in your yard?” She responded “I don’t know.”

Feeling embarrassed by his lack of decourum, I rushed him away. He then turned to me and asked “Mommy, why does she have a sign for Trump in her yard?” I responded, “Because she is supporting him.” He didn’t understand. He asked, “But why mommy?”

I said “Munch, the great thing about an election is that you can vote for whomever you choose. You can support whichever candidate you feel is best to represent you.” He listened and then said, “But mommy, Trump is not a good guy and he doesn’t represent anyone.”

I realized at this moment that my little boy was growing up. I couldn’t be embarrassed by his questions when I’ve done everything to show him the importance of voting. I can’t get mad when he yells that you should vote for Hillary Clinton because those are the top two choices we have (realistically speaking) who will run this country.

He’s entitled to his opinion. Which is what he was expressing when we went to the polls last week. His 8 year old opinion.



  1. Bravo! What a great Mum you are. I have a friend who lives in New Zealand and she has a similar philosophy to you. I agree with your son entirely…Trump is not a good person. It’s just really sad that he has managed to get this far and galvanised so many people to support him. I also agree that neither candidate is the best that America has to offer, even though it would be great to have a woman in the White House….for me, if that were Michelle Obama running for POTUS, I’d emigrate and become an American citizen just so that I could vote for her ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck to you all. Even though I am not charmed by Clinton I think she is the most ‘qualified’ from a world experience perspective. It’s been interesting to see how it is that ordinary people are standing up and saying they are fed up with the ‘establishment’. It happened here in Britain with Brexit. I fear that it may well happen again with your Presidential Race and people may just vote in the most unqualified and and and….(fill in the blanks) of all the people on the planet.

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    1. Absolutely. That is why voting is so important and we need to put candidates in office that are representative of the country. He is not. While she doesn’t represent me, she is definitely the better alternative than him.


  2. This is great!! My kids have said very similar things…”why would anyone vote for trump?” And “well of course Hillary should win.” LOL…what a mess this election has been. It will be very interesting to see what happens though. And #iamwithher

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  3. Watching to see how this election turns out. Seriously I feel safer with Hillary though I am not an American but whoever becomes the American president will affect a lot of other countries. So for me this is big… Great that you are educating your son already about politics.

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  4. I love this! On so many levels! People giving books for Halloween, Munch enjoying the special day, taking children to vote, the simple way Munch is voicing his opinion. I wish more people had the simple reasoning that children do. He’s not a nice man – such a simple statement but all I would need to cast my vote.

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  5. I asked my neighbor the same question. “Why would you support him,” her answer was scary, she does it because her husband told her to. I am not kidding…there are things going on that I can’t understand. Kids say it as it is, we adults should listen. I too voted early -for the first time – coulnd’t wait to get it over with.

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  6. I love that you’re showing him how important it is to vote, but more importantly, you’re showing him that he has a right to express his opinions, even to those who obviously see things differently, like that woman with the Trump sign. He wasn’t afraid to ask the question. Strong little man there, good job!

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  7. Love this. N too can’t understand when someone says they’re voting for Trump and just like Munch, he asked how can they vote for a bad man? I gave him the exact reply you did ๐Ÿ˜€. Our boys are growing way too fast…I doubt I ever was THAT smart and aware at their age…

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  8. “Prices were well over 1 million dollars and as a single parent with one income, unless I sell โ€œsex on the cornerโ€, it ainโ€™t happening. At least not now.” Haha, you’re funny! That’s a great idea to visit well-off neighborhoods. I also like the idea of giving books away at halloween! I’m not a single parent, but we sure won’t be living in a $1 mil home either–ha! Take care, xoxo


  9. I remember being indifferent to voting once I became of age to vote. But after a good talking to from my elders, I registered and now I am a regular voter. I was reminded of how my ancestors had to fight to get the right to vote, and that I should never take that for granted. And I will be voting tomorrow, no matter how long the line at the polling place.

    Perhaps if I was as inquisitive as Munch at 8 years old, I would have been a registered voter the moment I came of age.


  10. My son’s school had an election for them. My son of course voted for Hillary. Lol. She won the election at their school! If only she would’ve won for real! It was a heartbreaking day when I found out he won on Wednesday. I didn’t know what to say to my son. After school he just said he didn’t want to talk about it and I left it at that. Lol your son’s funny! He asked that lady why she had a Trump sign. I wonder why she said I don’t know!

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