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Fringe Benefits

When your boyfriend works in IT and you don’t have to pay for virus protection for your computer. Nope. Not at all.

Oh babe, I also need Microsoft office because I refuse to pay for it. Can you please put it on my laptop too?

Yep, I like that.


What are some fringe benefits you get with your partner?


  1. Getting Academy screeners? It’s the silver lining on the “pay $6k for a guild membership while not being able to work because of nonsensical restrictions” cake!

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      1. Academy Awards screeners they send out so Academy folks can vote.

        He has a complicated arrangement that limits what jobs he can accept for the time being. It’s taking some time to find the last contract commitment he needs to remove those restrictions.

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  2. My husband is in IT as well. Gotta love those benefits haha Lol he also works on cars as a hobby so I am never worried about something going wrong with mine.

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  3. We kinda share the role, he “takes care of and watches over me”….I do everything else particularly when it comes to Holidays, Births, Deaths, and Traditions in the family….or and yes Tax Returns and dealing with correspondence and FORMS! Gawd, I HATE Forms. ~~dru~~

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    1. ps: “HE” opens the bottles and screw tops, I open the mail and listen to the calls on the message machine. Both to our own unique capabilities. Sort of a simpatico relationship or is that symbiotic relationship but one that has so far worked….me again.

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