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“Be calm” he screamed.

“You were in an accident” he said.

I didn’t know I was panicking. I couldn’t breathe. I was struggling to remember.

What happened?

I tried to look around. It hurt. My neck. My head.

My eyes scanned the scene.

I was trapped.

A car accident.

My leg is stuck. It hurts so bad.

My air bag deployed.

The windshield is shattered.

There is glass everywhere.

I can’t breathe.

What the hell is happening?

I began to panic.

To start to scream.

The pain.

It hurts so bad.

I’m bleeding. I can feel the warm blood oozing out of my side.

Why did I have to look at his text?

Why did I take my eyes off the road?

“This is too much. I need a break. Take care.” he wrote

3 short sentences.

My life shattered in 10 words.

I am alone.

I’m dying. I can’t breathe.

I’m panicking.

Then why tell me to remain calm?


This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt. The word was calm


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