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Knot Now Satan

A couple of days ago it hit me that sometimes I’m unprepared for this single mama stuff. Prime example…how do you tie a tie? This is something that I don’t know how to do or have never done. I didn’t grow up with my dad so I never watched him tie a tie or show my brother how it’s done.

My ex-husband knows how to tie a tie, but what did that have to do with me? I’m a woman. He tried to show me a couple of times, but why would I want to learn? He had two arms and hands. I couldn’t think of any time when I would need to tie a tie.

But, I was wrong. You know when you have to learn how to tie a tie? When you have a son and you’re single. That realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I was a single mother and I had no idea how to tie a tie.

Earlier this week I bought Munch a new shirt. He had a year end performance at after care last night. A beautiful baby blue tie accompanied the crisp white shirt in the package. I carefully took it out the package to iron and hang up to drop off for the performance. That’s when I discovered my mistake….

I had bought a real tie. Not a clip on. Not a zip on. A real tie.

What the hell? It was too late to exchange. Munch loved the color. It was exquisite against his skin. I had to suck it up and learn. “Not today Satan!” I muttered out loud. Knowledge was power and I thought of myself as pretty powerful. Badass in many ways. I had to learn so that I could impress my Munch.

So, I headed to YouTube and found a couple of videos that showed how to tie a tie. Not just any knot. I wanted to do the Windsor Knot. It was beautiful. I loved the look on it. After watching the said video like 3 times (8 if I’m completely honest) I actually got it. I was so proud of myself.


These are real single parent struggles. When you’re a mom of a boy you need to learn how to tie a tie. There may not be a man around and it could be the eleventh hour, but making sure your young man looks sharp in his shirt and tie will be one for the books.

Munch looked handsome of course in his tie which was tied again by his dad because Munch didn’t know how to adjust it, but it worked out well. I was sitting up front and beaming for his performance. I was amazed that I had tackled something that I swore I would never do. Score one for mama!

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    1. Thank you. But, you have a husband so I wouldn’t even worry if I was still married. I think that’s a man’s thing. However, YouTube is a God send for how to videos.


  1. I recently found myself in the same predicament, and I will say YouTube and google are a single-parents best friend. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t get it right and had to send out an SOS to my step-dad (who works in a men’s suit store) to talk to through it. But, when I finished I was so proud of myself. Good Job!!!😊

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    1. Yes! See, it was like “Damn, I did that. I’m a badass”. I would have had to call Mr. C, but I’ve decided that I’m going to buy regular ties from now on so I can work to tie them. He’ll need them for church.

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  2. Congratulations. Thank God for youtube. LOL. I learned to tie a tie at an early age because I attended a Catholic all girl school, with a navy blue tie against a whit shirt, long blue socks to match the navy blue skirt and black shoes. Thankfully, I can tie a tie, but my husband who hates the thing can’t. What a world!

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  3. LOL! I ran into that problem when I bought that suit, worn by Wentworth Miller…and like you, it had to be a Windsor knot! Loser always used the Windsor knot.
    Off to Google I went! “My Wentworth” is proudly displaying my accomplishment! 👔

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  4. In high school, I went through this phase where every Friday I would wear one of my dad’s ties to school. I don’t know why I thought I was cool I guess haha!! So he taught me a very simple knot (easier than the Windsor). “one, two, up and through”. Wrap the “long side” around the “short side” twice, then go up the back, and down the hole in the front. haha. Easy peasy! Not as pretty as the half or full Windsor but it gets the job done.

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