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Yelp Is Not Facebook

I have a gripe. A rant really. When the heck did Yelp become like Facebook and wanting you to have Friends? I love Yelp. Yelp is a website that helps people find great local businesses like dentists, restaurants, hair stylists and mechanics. Pretty much everything.

I use Yelp a lot when I want to go and check out a new restaurant. I want to read the reviews and look at the pictures of the food that people received. A review and a photo always helps me to determine if it is worth my dime or my time.

Mr. C and I used Yelp when we went to Miami last year. We ate at restaurants that had been reviewed on Yelp and had the best food and service. It was heaven.

We had walked into a Cuban spot for breakfast and the waitress asked how we found the restaurant and I told her that they had great reviews on Yelp. She was excited and told the owner. I told her that is how I eat when I’m trying something new. Yelp never lies.

So, I was surprised when I realized that I had friend requests from people on Yelp. What? Why? Did I know you personally? Why do we need to be friends on Yelp? We’re not friends in real life. Isn’t this just weird?


Needless to say, it is weird as hell to me. Yelp is not Facebook and I don’t need to be friends with strangers. Social media has gotten out of control.


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  1. Sometimes people don’t understand the importance of staying in their own niche. I mean What Yelp initially stands for sounds great to me. That’s their selling point… Why not stay there and shine.

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  2. Yes that is weird adding people you don’t know. I’ve never used Yelp! But I think with the success and popularity of FB everyone wants in on a piece of the action by conforming their platforms to that of FB.

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  3. My “HE” and I use Yelp too mostly for food reviews but the occasional other service. I agree with you “Friends” on this just seem out of place, if you want to know what your friend thinks of a place…call and ask. I guess I’m showing my age here. ~~dru~~

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  4. Lol…I noticed many sites are doing this! Kind of like a plug in that every site thinks they need to become social media. I don’t want to be friends with random strangers who may or may not like the local restaurant.

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