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Day 21: Fresh Flowers

I love the smell of fresh flowers. I love the smell of lavender all year through. I’m so thankful for the sense of smell and that Mr. C gives me fresh flowers.

It is Day 21 and I’m thankful for fresh flowers in my #23daysofthankfulness. Whether you have a partner who buys you fresh flowers or you buy them yourself, enjoy them. Smell the season and nature in each petal.

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  1. Great post Tikeetha.

    I was dating someone that didn’t like flowers. I was shocked! A woman that doesn’t like flowers? That was the easiest gift in the world. Figure out her birth month flower and go from there. It was always a great gift for any woman I decided to do it for (mom, sisters, girlfriend). This time was different. And since then, my perspective has changed on flowers.

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    1. Thanks Jay! Yeah, I used to not care for them, but you could pick me up a $5.00 bouquet and I’m fine with that. I just love the way they remind you to stop and just smell the beauty of life.


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