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It’s Freaking Spring

Yes, it’s March 20th and it is officially spring. I’m excited because I need more sun and the fact that it is supposedly helping my Vitamin D deficiency is an extra plus. The weather is supposed to be 53 degrees today and even thought it is chilly I’m still getting up and walking my butt off every couple of hours. I’m moving. Isn’t that the key?

Getting it in

I added my sister to my Fit Bit group and she’s bringing out my competitive side. It’s hilarious. My goal is to win every week, but to make sure my sister knows that I’m going to beat her. She is so competitive. We were on the phone last night because she goes to bed at 8 and she’s up moving so even after my workout at the gym I was up and down the steps in the house to get it in. I was texting her like “Go to bed”. I was too tired to get up this morning to hit the gym, but I got adequate rest and I’m walking every 2 hours to get my steps in. I’ll be at the gym this evening to beat my sister. I’m at almost 40k steps and the challenge is only from Monday through Friday. Yay me!

My sister decided that we should run a marathon since we’re kicking butt in the Fit Bit group. Apparently, she’s not quite good at math, but it is 26.2 miles in a marathon. What the hell? She knows that we can’t run or walk that long. I may fall out and die and as my mother said isn’t the goal to get healthy? Yes, but beating my sister is an added bonus. So, I started thinking about a half marathon but even that is 13.1 miles and I’m not there yet with working out. So, that leaves a 5k or maybe a 3k.

Baby steps. However, I did find out that there will be a Mud Run next month and we’re probably going to do that. Fun and mud? I’ve never done a mud run and actually have an aversion to getting dirty so this should be fun. Unfortunately, Munch would have to be 12 to do it so maybe next year.

Bladder Confessions

Part of this getting healthy thing is me drinking more water. I never drink enough water. Every time I drink water I have to pee. However, many people assured me that when I’m hydrated that my body will adjust and I won’t have to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes. They better be telling me the truth! I ain’t got time to be leaving a meeting like “Excuse me, bladder time”. 

A good thing that I’ve noticed is that my skin is clearing up and my hair looks healthier from all that water. It could be a combination of both the water and healthier food choices, but I’m claiming it. Munch keeps squeezing me and saying that he likes the mushy parts of me. I’m trying to tell him that mommy likes mushy, but firm is where I’m headed. When the weather clears we will be walking the track in the evenings and doing more outdoor activities. I’m trying to set an example that he’ll want to follow. Take care of yourself physically.

I’m a Bad B*tch

Listen, part of getting healthy was my desire to be around for Munch. I’ve never struggled with my self-esteem and thinking I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc. I’m good. I’m a bad b*tch! I motivate myself every day and remind myself that I’m perfect just the way that I am. Curves and all. My decision to get healthy is a personal choice because I want to get off the diabetic and blood pressure medication. I can choose to take pills for the rest of my life or I can make a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m not trying to be a skinny mini, just a healthier version of myself. The same me that loves myself today will be the same me that will love the smaller, healthier version of myself tomorrow.

I say that to say that it is time to move. The time to make changes to get healthier is now. You have to make a choice.

A.) Continue to take medication for conditions

B.) Make healthier food choices and exercise regularly

It’s that simple. I’m going to be 45 in January and 2020 is going to be amazing. I need to be alive and healthy for it. I’m claiming it. I stopped making excuses for my hair and started to grow it out so that I can put it up in a ponytail while working out. I get it done every week and this summer I will probably get braids to help with my workouts. But, I stopped using my hair as an excuse for not living right. So, I’m asking you today…what excuses can you stop making so that you can be a healthier version of yourself?


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