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Guest Post: Digital Age and Kids

Questions: What lessons do you think we should pass on to our children now that they are living in a digital age? Are the lessons the same for boys and girls? If not, what do you think the differences are?

Response: “Nothing new under the sun, just how it’s being done”. Living in this digital age has many benefits and many drawbacks but what doesn’t? Some of the great benefits are, it’s quicker to find information, connecting with people all over the world is easier, and in plenty ways the digital age has made us safer, but too much of a good thing can turn bad when you lose yourself in it. 

The internet can become addictive. Being “logged in” too much can lead to awkward interactions with people in person. Nothing worse than trying to have a sincere conversation with someone and they’re solely focused on their phone. 

Safety is always a chief concern. Boys and girls should always be aware that there are predators online. Be careful with who you interact with and the information you give. Never give out personal information!! Predators come in many forms. Some predators may want to do something to you physically, and others may try to get you to divulge family info for scamming purposes. Be very wary!

Earlier I stated that living in this digital age has made us safer. That safety has come with a lot of concessions. Some may even say it has made us less safe. We have very limited privacy now. Cameras are everywhere. You never know who is watching you and how they are watching you. Hackers can hack your camera on your phone and your personal computers. These are things you have to be aware of. What you put out there is on the net forever. 

Use this digital age to help improve you, but don’t let it use you. Everything in moderation.


This was a guest post by Clinton Wilson of Akingstruth’s Blog

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