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Count Your Coins, by Tikeetha Thomas

I had the great opportunity to blog about my mothering and money at Clinton’s blog. Read about the things I’ve taught Munch about money.

Akingstruth's Blog

Below is a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers, Tikeetha Thomas from “”, on teaching financial literacy to her child.


It’s hard trying to teach children to count their coins. It’s important but nevertheless, it’s difficult. As a single mother to an 11 year old I find that I need to prepare my son to make sound financial decisions. Sometimes I struggle because I can afford it and some of the things are so small in cost that I just buy it. I wonder am I enabling him?Am I teaching him that money grows on trees?

Ugh! It’s a lot. But, I states about 3 years ago. I remember that he had asked me for something that was really pricey and I said that I didn’t have money. His response was simple, “Yes you do mommy. You have a ot of plastic in your purse…

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