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Just Me

I want to welcome my new followers. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, parenting, social and dating experiences. My high horse journalistic point of view. I blog about things that affect me as a mom, woman, black person, Christian, etc or just topics that I find interesting.



So, I thought I would tell you a few things about me:

  • I’m a feminist. Black feminist. Why do I say a black feminist? Because I’m black and a feminist. I support the equality of women, but I can’t help but feel that black women have continually been left out of the movements in which we support. I want to change that.


  • I’m a mom to a beautiful boy who helps me to realize that my life matters more because I have him looking up to me. He’s 7. He speaks French. He loves soccer. He’s not athletic. He’s still innocent. He hasn’t been tarnished by the “real” world yet.


  • I love sci-fi and Prince. Yep, it’s a weird combination and some would say that I’m nerdy. Probably. But, honestly you can’t go wrong with an episode of The Walking Dead and screaming “I would die for you” at the top of your lungs.



  • I am a woman of faith and that faith is the foundation of everything in my life. You may see me write a post about church or God to remind folks to appreciate the awesomeness of God and being able to express that love. I have a wonderful church that I’ve attended for the last 25 years and I thank God daily that my son was blessed and baptized in my home church. My munch even sings in the church choir.



munch choir 061315

  • I’m a southern girl. Born and raised. I love pork, but won’t eat a lot of fried foods (think high cholesterol). I love tea but will drink it unsweetened instead of the typical sweet tea (think diabetes). But, my attitude is friendly and I have a southern accent with a southern mentality.



So welcome and enjoy and please feel free to comment. I love the interaction from fellow bloggers. I am truly grateful that you chose to follow me.


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