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I Need A Do Over

Munch had his dentist’s appointment yesterday morning. This was a follow-up to get sealants because he wasn’t being very still during his cleaning last week. So, I wake up at 5:00 am to prepare for the day including fixing breakfast because it takes him 45 minutes to eat and I wanted to ensure that he had the full 8 hours of sleep before waking him.

I get him up, he ate breakfast, got dressed and brushed teeth. We actually made it out the house at 7:15 with no drama, snacks packed for camp and a change of clothes for swimming. The appointment was at 7:30 am and I pulled into the parking lot right on time. We signed in at 7:35 am. I said, “Munch this appointment is only for sealants on your teeth. You need to listen to the dentist. Sit still and it should only take 10 minutes.” He replied, “Okay mommy.”

They call him back at 7:50 and at 8:10 they are coming to get me. Why? Because munch refuses to sit still. He said, “Mommy, my mouth hurts and I don’t want to hold it open.” I just stood there in silence looking at my only child crazily. I replied, “What? You need to get these sealants. Remember sit still and let them work.” The dentist said, “Mom, we recommend you just getting them done at his next cleaning.” I replied, “In January of 2016?” “Yes, that’s fine.” I huffed.

The hygentist is walking me to the front desk and munch asks, “Mommy, how did I do?” I had a WTH (What the Hell) look on my face and said, “You did horrible.” Not being dismayed by my harsh remarks or refusing to believe that I was telling the truth he repeats the question a little slower like I’m stupid. “No mommy. How did I do today?” I looked him directly in the eyes and said, “Munch you were horrible. You didn’t get the one service we came in to get done because you are being defiant. You wasted both our time and gas coming out here.”

Do you know what he did next? He had the nerve to give me the angry face like I did something wrong. It looks a little like this:


The rest of the night after I picked him up from camp was mind-blowing. He got mad because he wanted to play a game on the computer at the library instead of checking out some books. He got frustrated because I needed to buy him more flip-flops and a couple of outfits. He then had the audacity to say “This is boring me. Why do we have to go all these places?” I was stressing.

I came home and went to fix his dinner and unpack his bag from camp and realized that this little boy had left his shorts, underwear and flip-flops at camp. I looked at him and said, “Munch, why can’t you keep up with your stuff?” He responded, “I was looking for my snacks.”

It was a day in which I ended with a hot shower, a glass of chardonnay and a good book. However, I need a do over. Tomorrow has to be better.

Ah, the joys of parenting!


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