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Weekend Recap

Okay, so my weekend was laid back, fun, awesome and troubling. Yep, I went through all those emotions in one weekend. It was kinda overwhelming. Let’s see. My weekend looked like this:

Friday night

Girl time. I love girl time and my girlfriend hosted a get together at her house. We kept the list small to 8 invited women and then had 5 showed up. We enjoyed it. Of course we talked about men, relationships and parenting. It was awesome to be able to think and get different perspectives from women at different points in life. What did I learn?

  • Women should get a prenuptial agreement to protect themselves and ensure that if their partner wants to exit that they won’t be left penniless. (One of the women was a lawyer).
  • Custody agreements are complicated and are not really finite until the child is 18. You can always go back to court to argue BS.
  • Some women are really not open to sharing all the financial information with a man. (I recommended that maybe that isn’t the person for you).
  • Lessons learned from a first failed marriage tend to be the things you want to prevent in your next relationship. We said that we finally understood when the older women would say, “First time marry for love and the second time for money.” Not that it is telling you to marry rich, but to make sure that you are marrying someone who is your financial equal or doing better than you.
  • Spanish wine is really good. I had a Groupon for 12 bottles of Spanish wine and we went to pick it up before the event and it was awesome.
  • Mexican dip, wings and meatballs are really good when shared with girlfriends.
  • When smoking hookah, make sure you don’t buy cheap coals. LOL! As was the case when my girlfriend bought some coals that totally changed the flavor of the hookah.


Was spent recovering most of the day from Friday night because I didn’t arrive home until 3 am. Munch had a therapy appointment to discuss his feelings with a new therapist that morning at 10 am. I was exhausted but arrived in time to complete the paperwork and have my son cuddle up under me. She was really a nice therapist and I’m hoping that he will open up to her.

Rescheduled my appointments because I was too tired to continue to play being awake. Headed home and slept until about 7 pm. I woke up hungry and called my girlfriend to go to dinner. We ended up going to a lounge and had a good time. However, the music was way too loud and I’m sure I damaged my hearing. I am just starting to hear now. Ugh! I hate getting old.


I didn’t arrive home until 3:30 on Sunday morning with no ability to hear that I laid in bed all day. Thinking, hoping and praying that my hearing would return. I ended up getting a migraine and took some medicine and went back to bed. My son’s father kept texting me to update me on my son. He wasn’t feeling well. He ended up deciding that we should take him to urgent care last night. Me with my limited hearing got in the car to rush and be with my baby boy. We found a new pediatric urgent care that is open 7 days a week until midnight. They had just opened. He was seen immediately and the diagnosis was a virus that has to go through his system. They told us to keep with the Gatorade and do the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast). My poor munch looked miserable. I thought I was going to die. He was in so much pain. One price you pay with co-parenting is that you have to let go even when you don’t want too. My spirit was troubled because my baby was sick and in pain. I wanted him to come home with me so bad because I wanted to care for him, but this was his dad’s time with him and I had to let go. I kissed and hugged him so much I knew he thought something was wrong. I just prayed.

That’s all you can do with anything…Give it to God and he will do the rest. I am regaining my hearing, my son’s fever has broken and my son’s father is taking care of munch just fine. Everything is as it should be.

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