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Dating Chronicles: Lines and More Lines

I had the pleasure of having this guy reach out to me on a dating website. I guess he was really fishing to see if I’m desperate enough to fall for his lines. Which I’m not. But, what was interesting is the fact that he thought he was able to entice me with a load of BS.

Nope. But, here is the conversation.



Yeah, I don’t like a man who thinks I need a king to rule. I felt that it was a load of BS and I couldn’t even go with the flow. Just be you. I’ve said this before, but men try to find creative ways to try and scam you. Ladies, please don’t fall for this kind of crap.

Am I too harsh? Probably. But, not in this case. You are a chef and say that you will give me a thousand dollars? Right? Not too many chefs have that lying around, heck not too many regular folks have it and you would give me a $1,000 if you can’t make me happy? Happiness is subjective dude.

Ah, the joys of dating!


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