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October 2015 Was Busy

Hey Everyone!

I had a busy October with Munch and I wanted to share some of those photos.

Munch Got Glasses

We went to the eye doctor in September and I was hurt when I found out that my 7 year old would need glasses so soon. I mean his dad and I wear glasses but we definitely thought it would be high school or later. Nope, he needed them now. I didn’t add him to my vision plan last year, but put extra money into my Health Care Flexible Spending Account to pay for the purchases. Here is a photo of him in his new glasses that he picked out:


Pumpkin Patch

We were able to do a mommy play date with some of his friends from daycare. We spent a wonderful Sunday with his friends from daycare who now go different schools. We did a hay ride, he and his friends played in the moon bounce, looked at the pigs and played in the hay. I love Fall and I love spending it with my munch.



Halloween Party

My son went to a costume party at his Tae Kwan Do Academy on October 30th. He was ecstatic. He got to dress up, eat and play. I picked up a $5.00 Pirate costume from Family Dollar so that he wouldn’t mess up his actual Halloween costume. There was no lesson but lots of food, dancing and games and he was just fine. I’m so proud of him.


My Niece’s Birthday Party

My youngest niece (aka Princess #2) turned 3 on October 30th and my sister decided to do her birthday party on Halloween at Chuck-e-Cheese. This is after I booked and paid for my son to attend a Monster Mash at my baker’s house. I had to drive 43 miles north and then turn right around and drive 43 miles south to attend the event. Ugh! But, family events are important and munch needed to be there. He even picked out the gift he wanted his little cousin to have.

Halloween Monster Mash

My high school classmate, Lashaun, is a creative genius. Her and her best friend hosted a Monster Mash at Lashaun’s house this year. It was incredible. It was a kiddie day party complete with decorating cookies, cake pops, cup cakes and candy apples. It was a kid party overload. He loved it. They played games and even trick or treated and got a huge bag of candy. She is definitely the queen of day parties.

Photo by Cook-E-Portraits
Photo by Cook-E-Portraits


Yes, it is my son’s favorite time of the year. He wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog again this year. I have to tell you that I hate repeat costumes, but I got over it and happily bought the costume again. This year his weekend with me fell on Halloween and he was excited because I took him trick or treating with his god brother.


That was my busy October. Welcome November!


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