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The Second Grade Chronicles: Math



I have to tell you that I’m struggling with trying to understand this common core and teaching Munch. Add to it the fact that it is in French and you will see why I am dying. I get that Common Core focuses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful but it is teaching the long way to do something. Which is why I’m frustrated. Is the shorter way robbing our children of the ability to be critical thinkers? Heck no! It’s just making me struggle when trying to teach my 7-year-old math concepts.

I know I’m not the only one. I read all about parents being frustrated and seeming ill-equipped to help their children with their math. I consider myself to be intelligent but this is ridiculous. He’s in second grade and I don’t know common core math.

Here’s an example of what Munch is learning:


Confused yet? He’s having trouble adding 4 double-digit numbers together. So, I went to Amazon and reviewed and purchased some math books. I have to get ahead of this math so that he won’t fall behind. Hopefully these books will help. The teacher sent home a username and password for a program called First in Math that he likes. He awards medals each week to the child who has the most points. So, we work on math daily.

He got his first report card last week and got 2 C’s in Math and in French reading and instruction. So, I got him a French tutor who will teach him both French and Math. He’s a 17-year-old student who is fluent in French. I want those C’s to B’s or A’s by next quarter and I’m willing to invest in his education without stressing him out. Because God knows that this math is killing me.

“I think I can”

“I think I can”

Ugh! I hate math!


Ah, the joys of parenting!


  1. It isn’t easy. It is trying to teach one way to do math which isn’t logical for all people. I get it because that is the way I think. When I see the problem 29 + 17 I automatically add 20 + 10 in my head plus 9+7 for 46. Not all people think that way though. I know I frustrated my son trying to work with him in math because he doesn’t think like I do. The Common Core should be teaching several different methods to get to the same answer so all kids can find the one that really works for how they think.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t understand how you think of math like that either. LOL. You’re a genius! I know right? His teacher now says that as long as he’s showing how he came up with the answers then he is fine with that. I hope that is the case with the other teachers as he progresses in grades.

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      1. Hopefully he will get the teachers that understand that really Common Core is giving options of ways to come up with answers not the ONLY way to come up with the answer.


  2. I understand this frustration. The way I was taught in school hasn’t failed me yet so I don’t know why we must change things. Thanks for sharing and linking up with #Alittlebitofeverything! Have a great day!

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