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TBT – A Cars Themed Party

In my Throwback Thursday moment, I’m sharing pictures of Munch’s 5th birthday. This was the last official party that he had. It was a few months after his dad and I decided to split and we hadn’t told him yet. We wanted to make sure that he knew he wasn’t to blame and didn’t want to ruin his day. But, it was hard being in so much pain and trying to put on a smile for the world.

However, he didn’t know the worst kept secret.  He was just happy to see all his friends there. He didn’t notice that we basically ignored each other the entire party because we made it about him. Thankfully, so because as you can see he loved it.





  1. My respect to you for making his day about him and putting your pain away for his sake, wonderful thing for you and your ex to do for this child. He is the cutes little guy every!!! I just love your pictures of him, I could just eat him up!! much love and light you both of you… Michelle

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    1. That was rough. I’m still debating on whether or not I will invite his dad to his birthday party because he is so vicious towards me and I don’t want that negativity around me.


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