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Blizzard and Munch

So in my continuing crisis of living with all this dang snow I have to tell you that I’m dying. I’m ready for munch to go back to school, but schools are closed again today.  Probably because some neighborhoods still hadn’t been plowed. Really? It ended on Sunday. However, my munch is enjoying all this time off and being able to spend it with me.

Me. Not so much. It’s been an interesting week of too much time with my kid and not a lot of alcohol. Why? Because mommy juice is off limits with no other adult supervision. We’ve been talking, tickling, laughing and playing and I’m all played out. Mommy is tired. Today we’re venturing out to the movies and McDonald’s for some much needed time out. I’ve been dug out (for a price) and they finally plowed the secondary roads and my parking lot. I feel like a runaway slave! LOL!

Munch is enjoying the snow so much. Here are some photos.





My car behind 5 feet of snow.


  1. He looked like the kids in my neighborhood, playing in the snow. They had a blast, while I was shoveling. 🙂 And that’s probably as it should be. I had my fun while it was coming down.

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