Young Love

Your first love was probably when you were young right? My first love was when I was 13. He was so beautiful. The darkest skin reminding me of the color of coal with the thickest lashes that I’d ever seen. I was smitten. He was the sweetest boy that I’d ever met.

You remember my past right? Painful. So, falling in love with this young boy was both special and scary at the same time. How? He gave me his 13 year old heart and I didn’t know it at the time. You see he didn’t know that I was already damaged goods and that my first love, my dad, had shaped my disbelief in the male race already. He didn’t know that I was my father’s daughter and therefore incapable of accepting love for what it was. I loved my first, but only as a child at 13 was capable of loving someone.


Domesticated Momster

6 Replies to “Young Love”

  1. I remember random crushes but no one that came for me. I was afraid of rejection my entire school age years that I never even tried. My first boyfriend was my abusive ex and we meet my senior year of high school.

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