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Quotes about Love: Day 1

Hey loves!

I was challenged by the wonderful Amaya at wonderful blog, Life of an El Paso Woman to participate in the 3 day quote challenge. Since my posts are about the different types of love you may experience through Valentine’s Day. I decided to make my quotes about love.

First up is this great quote I found on the internet.


I love this because it aligns with my post yesterday about waiting. Great quote. As part of this challenge you have to post a quote daily for 3 days and recommend 3 bloggers each day to participate. Simple huh?

So, I’m going to recommend the following 3 bloggers for the 3 day quote challenge today. Please go and check out these fabulous bloggers. Follow them if you don’t because you will love their posts.

They are:

A Flawed Ruby

Making Time for Me

The TeeKay Take


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