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My Truth

An absolutely great read in honor of Women’s History Month and Black History Month too. Check her out at http://www.gingerfunksblog.com


Do you ever find something you wrote a long time ago and amaze yourself with how smart you were?  Sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves how much we really know.  Many times we know the answers to the questions we are asking but ignore them because they aren’t the answers we want. 

Truth. Honesty.  It’s amazing how speaking the truth does so much for one’s well being.  Being honest with yourself.  That is the key.  Why do we lie to ourselves?  Sometimes we are even afraid of our own truth.  Amazing.  Once we begin being truly honest with ourselves can we open up and allow the truth to flow around us.

Trust not just in other people but in ourselves!  That is the real truth.  Knowing ourselves and what we want.
Taking ego and fear out of the outcome.  Speaking your truth just frees you.  No matter the…

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  1. Thank you both! Thanks for sharing it. What’s funny is that I read another woman’s blog about why she loves black culture and it got my mind spinning. I wrote this thinking nothing of it. This is the first piece of my writing I ever shared publicly. I told my son I was scared to share it and he says, “Yeah, but it’s really cool to read and it could change the way people think about black culture which is something we need in this society” Sometimes we learn more from our kids than we teach them! lol

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