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Coffee, I Need Coffee – 3/20

Hey loves,

This is my first coffee share. I attempted to do one last weekend and life got in the way and I didn’t do it. If you’re interested in doing the weekend coffee share, just link up at Part-Time Monster’s site with your weekend coffee share posts. It’s a virtual coffee catch up that allows us to tell you what’s happening in our lives.


So, here goes…

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that…I love coffee and I’m sipping slowly on this big cup of French Vanilla. I’m trying to get my mind around the many things that are happening in my life. My Munch is in love with this girl named Savannah at school and was so happy to see her at a birthday party we attended yesterday. “Mommy, isn’t she beautiful? I’m so in love” he says. “There’s more to a person than looks Munch” I mutter. “Like what?” he asks. “Her character. Her values. Her morals. Her heart.” I respond. “They’re all beautiful” he said. “I’m not ready ya’ll.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that…I’m having issues with some of my son’s teachers and reached out to the school counselor for advice. I’m struggling ya’ll. You know that my baby is going through it with his anxiety. Whatever happened to teachers who gave a darn about a kid? I believe that they call it compassion. I told the counselor that my Munch had said a couple of questionable things that lead me to believe that he’s being bullied and he’s not talking to us. I asked her could she talk to him and she said yes. She then sends me an email to confirm the fact that he’s being bullied and left it at my feet. I was beyond irritated and told her that I needed a meeting with her, the principal, his teacher and the head of security at this point because this was/is unacceptable. We have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.  Woosah!

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that…I finally found someone to do the psychological assessment quicker than sometime next month. Munch has an appointment on Tuesday morning for the counseling session and evaluation and then hopefully some more information on this testing/assessment.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that…If you missed my post called “Closed”, I’m officially divorced. It was exhaustive, but we are truly learning to be better so that we can co-parent our Munch. Yay! That is one less thing to worry about.

If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that…It’s been a really busy weekend and I’m exhausted.  Munch had a birthday party Friday night, swim lessons Saturday morning and a birthday party Saturday evening. Oh, and church school and choir practice for the Easter program.  As if that’s not enough soccer practice starts Monday for him and now I’m a soccer mom again.


If you and I were having coffee, I would tell you that…I am going to sit here and quietly reflect on all the changes both good and bad that have occurred this week and pray for continued strength. I sometimes feel as though I’m burning the bridge at both ends, but those are the moments when I need to get into my quiet place and pray. Tame my restless spirit.

My wish for you is simply to enjoy each moment.


  1. 2 things: It breaks my heart to hear Munch is being bullied. I was bullied at school and know the feeling. I want to throw bullies up against the locker and yell “what’s wrong with you?” I’m so sorry! 2nd, I’m so happy to hear I have a soccer mommy friend on here!

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    1. Thank you. I’m upset about it and I’m trying not to go old school and say pick a kid to make an example of and knock him the heck out. I’m hoping that soccer will give him a different focus.

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      1. I will disguise my real thoughts bc this is on your blog but I want to knock those f’ing kids out. This is what baffles me about bullies, where are the f’ing parents? F’ing knuckledraggers.

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      2. Girl, me too. I’m so tired of bad a** kids and bad a** parenting that I’m trying to be calm. But, where I’m at today may not be where I’ll end up tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

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  2. What a sweet face. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such trouble at school and that he’s being bullied. I worry about that a lot with my kiddo, because he’s very small for his age and is rather sensitive—and unfortunately, teachers cannot be everywhere at once, so I know he’s in for a few hard knocks.

    I also know what you mean about the divorce. The best thing anyone ever told me after mine was “congratulations, and I’m sorry.”

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    1. Thank you. My son is such a sweet and sensitive boy and it scares me that he will have to knock a kid out to make him an example to stop what I thought the school should be doing. He’s a great kid and I am a firm believer in education, but I don’t want them taking my concerns lightly.

      Yes, I was so happy that it was finally over. Let’s focus on the blessed gift we created and stop worrying about us. It’s done.

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      1. I know what you mean. Little Jedi once cried because he had a dream that he was a big dinosaur and no one would play with him because they were all too afraid. I worry the world will break that sensitivity.

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  3. Right now, D is in class with a teacher who’s very empathetic despite being forced through Common Core hoops. Next year, he’d be in a class with a not-so-empathetic teacher I feel’d likely whip him through hoops and not care too much whether or not it was sensible. I’m trying to find alternatives for D now, because the only thing getting him through this year is having the kindly teacher he does. Fingers crossed for better, because I will … I don’t even know how I’ll do it if I have to advocate for my kids as ardently and persistently as my mom did for us. Arrrrrrgh.

    (Good luck Tuesday and beyond!)

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  4. Bully is bad and hard to stop.we had a little say about it” Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt.” As I aged I have found that words can hurt and cannot be unsaid. Good luck with wise handling of the bullying. I pray that GOD will Munch and you the strength to handle it.see


    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m going to see what the school has to say and then give my opinion. It’s hard because I’m so frustrated by this entire situation, but I’m going to pray on it.

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      1. Yes, there comes a time in all of our lifes that what is supposed happen may change our lives. I pray for strength when this happens so I can handle it. My prayers include you and Munch.

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  5. You have so much going on, I am not surprised you need some quiet time.
    Bullying is unacceptable. Isn’t it the responsibility of the school to protect the children whilst at school during the day?
    I had to smile, about Munch and his ‘little girl-friend’ 🙂 Very sweet and so innocent.
    This is a hectic time for you, hang in there. Praying for strength for you 🙂

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  6. Looks like Your Life starts with Munch and just rolls around him. Yeah that’s a mom’s life, I have two kids and now whenever I talk with anyone, I also talk allot about my kids, my topic of thinking, talking, planning, everything go around my kids. Sorry to hear he is getting bullied, just a suggestion, when you meet principl, don’t become so angry or emotional, talk with like, you were telling a friend what occurred, what you can do together to stop the bullying. Write down everything he said and agreed to do, because you are going to hold him accountable for it. Hope it stops soon, also update all of us on this, this will help every mom like you. Also when get some time check our coffee article on our blog too.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting.

      Yep, right now it does. Usually his life runs in a cyclical calendar with spring activities taking over, but lately with his anxiety and now the bullying I’m doing more work. The meeting got moved until April 5th at 3 pm. After Spring Break. I’m not happy about it but I understand. My district has rules and regulations that are written and available for parents and I will be bringing that along to the meeting with an agenda and understanding of what will be done, what is being done and a written follow-up. They were supposed to report the bullying within 48 hours of being aware of it and it still hasn’t been done. Not too much faith in their ability, but I will take it to the top. I will keep everyone posted.


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