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No, I didn’t really mean that

I’m famous for saying things that I really don’t mean. Why? Trying to be nice. Trying to people please. Trying to say what is expected even if I don’t feel it.

Let me give you some examples of the things I say that I don’t really mean…

Oh, your baby is absolutely gorgeous


Umm, not. Your baby is not that attractive. Society says that I must say something nice so I tend to remember that I have class and will lie if your baby is unattractive. Why? Because everyone wants validation that their kid is gorgeous even if they are not. It’s true.

When someone shows me a picture of them years ago and say how they were sexy when they were younger. I reply “Yes, you had it going on. You were probably a heart breaker right?”


Umm, not at all. You were not remotely attractive and I’m mad that you would force me to lie to you about your looks. What is the big deal? Do you really need validation at your age of your attractiveness?

How about my desire to workout? I hate working out. It’s necessary, but it is still something I don’t enjoy. I have to force myself into doing it.


But, when I asked, I will always feel the need to be positive and motivating. Why? I don’t know. Working out sucks. You still need to do it. But, it still sucks. Do you know how hard it is to stay motivated? Ugh!

Finally, when dating. I would always try to find a nice way to let people down. Some didn’t deserve it. But, I always wanted to be the nice one. You know? I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Don’t judge me. You know you probably do or are doing some of the same things.


  1. LOL….I wish that I was more like you in this aspect. I tend to tell people exactly what I am saying, the nicest I am is to not say anything instead of “lie.” I often think in my head, “ummm…you know your kid isn’t that cute right?” LOL. I would love to share this post friend, this weekend it will get a lot of laughs!

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  2. I was standing out in the road months ago and this woman walked past with her baby . Another neighbor stopped by and I said “Isn’t that a cute baby?!” and he said “eh!” I was so shocked I couldn’t speak and then I started laughing. The woman didn’t even hear.
    It’s a thought provoking post because I have found myself in the past too nice and now I am not that way. If I have nothing nice to say I say nothing. If I can find something nice then I do.

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  3. The top one made me LOL. Several years ago, I met a child where I was totally flummoxed what to say. I think I ended up with, “It’s so nice to meet him!” Later, my BIL said, “Deb, what you say is, ‘You must be so proud!'” There’s always good in those tiny people, but it can’t always be discerned at first glance. πŸ™‚

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