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Sometimes it is overwhelming to deal with people that don’t know how to act. You know the ones that treat you like crap or lash out at you for no reason than they feel like it. You find yourself struggling. Trying to breathe from the overwhelming BS that is shoved your way.

I’m dealing with my issues. I’m an advocate for mental health and therapy. I don’t want to own the baggage of others. I try to separate myself from ignorance and people bringing negativity. Some days are better than others.

It is a struggle to balance both good and evil in your life. But, I’m learning. I have great people that surround me who whisper to me “Don’t let it bother you” “Let it roll off your back” and “Don’t carry their baggage. You’re not a baggage handler.”

I smile.

I struggle with this overwhelming guilt that I’m somehow being a bad Christian, sister, daughter, human being if I push back. It’s a learning process. I’m learning to not be overwhelmed.


This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt. The word was overwhelming.


  1. I’d say ‘pushing back’ is like the advice you get on an aeroplane….put your oxygen mask on first then help others to put theirs on. when you’re in overwhelm it’s because you’re out of balance. I’d go on to say that if you feel the need to push back it’s because too much has been loaded onto your shoulders. You can’t carry the weight of others and you’re most certainly not a bad person in any way if you say no. You can better serve others if you’re not weighed down. I don;t know if you’ve ever heard of Dr John Demartini…….he is an amazing man and I find his teachings relevant to today’s world and very helpful in keeping balance in my life. xx

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