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Soccer Season is Here

Yay! Can you tell I’m excited? Munch is on a new team and practice began this week. I can’t wait. I ordered a custom soccer shirt to represent him at his games. Yeah, I know I’m pressed, but I’m a mom. What do you expect?

Zeta Soccer Shirt

I have learned to love soccer. Not because Munch is an exceptional player, but the benefits of teamwork. Munch can play, but if he doesn’t want to play I don’t push him. I tell him to pick one sport, any sport, and he will have to commit to a season. Being an only child I need him to experience both teamwork and the winning and losing of games. He needs to know that life is not fair and he will win some and lose some. Soccer helps him with that.

It’s funny though because when he was on a team that made it to the finals and then lost in the first game, everyone cried but Munch. It was a pretty crushing defeat. My sweet boy was more concerned about his snacks and said “I’m not upset because coach said we should have a good time. I did. So, I’m okay.” Yep – out of the mouth of babes.

Munch’s coach this year is a woman and he’s on a co-ed team. Super excited because we’ve never had a woman coach and you know I’m all about that girl power.  I reached out to her to let her know that I will help out in any way possible. They also use the Sports Illustrated app which is new to me, but I’m going to learn to adjust.  Thank God the kid doesn’t need new cleats this year. I’ve had to buy new cleats due to his foot growing for the last 4 years. Woohoo! Win for me.

I’m trying to match up the uniforms and socks exactly. It’s a pet peeve to not be matching, but we’ll see if I can do it. Munch is not to ecstatic. He thought he needed more time. I reminded him that Spring started on March 20th and games are rapidly approaching. He reluctantly agreed.

Oh, and in other news that is not soccer related, Munch’s main teacher has returned to school after being on administrative leave since mid-September. You heard that right. School ends June 9th and he returned on March 28th. Let’s see how the kids adjust. I’m super excited because I truly like this man, but I have to give it to the long-term substitute teacher…she did that thing. She was encouraging, nurturing and really interested in making sure that her children understood the curriculum. She responded to my emails and she will be missed.


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  1. Love the jersey. Very cool. I’m the same with my boys with sports and clubs. I’ll sign ’em up for whatever they want to try. If they don’t want to do it again, so be it. But, my only rule is no quitting mid-season. If they commit, gotta finish. Other than that, I let them decide. I will never be that parent that jumps a coach or ref and I’ll never force them to sign up for something they don’t want to do themselves. 😃

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    1. LMAO. Me either. I want him to enjoy sports. I don’t care if he’s good at it or not, but he needs the exercise. Try everything. That’s my motto. I’m so excited though. I like watching him on the field and he always looks over at me and gives me the thumbs up. So cute.

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  2. I have glorious memories of my children playing soccer. They were on select, travel teams. “Buying new cleats?” If he sticks with it, you’ll be buying them pretty often and not because his feet are growing. LOL
    I hope you can post a short video of one of his games. 🙂

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  3. Welcome to soccer life! Love my soccer girls and if you and Munch join a traveling team, that is where the parties happen. It gives Munch an opportunity to bond even more with kids bc of the hotels and restaurants. You gain friends too!! So excited for you guys!

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      1. Yes. Here is one way friends of ours who’s kid is on C’s team was made to be more aggressive. Right or wrong, they told him his goal should be to get a foul. And it worked without him getting a foul!

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  4. Mariah LOVES soccer! In fact, that’s how we get her to do a lot of what she needs to do? “So, im guessing you don’t wanna go to soccer practice tomorrow since your room isn’t clean?” 15 minutes later, impeccable room! And for reals though, I got my soccer Hoodie before I got Mariahs! LOL! Gotta represent!

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