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You Will Not Believe This

I told you all about how my ex and I are going back to court for custody and that when we arrived to have our custody hearing we were told that we were still married. No? You can read about it in Failure of the Court and in Divorced Again. Long story short…we were both shocked as hell.

We went to a Pendente Lite (temporary custody) hearing on May 4th only to be told that nothing can be done because the second divorce hadn’t been signed off. Yep, another day off work. Another day of time wasted. Another day of stress. The magistrate then said that we have a custody hearing in August so it would wait. What the hell? More delays. More stress. More time off work.

I was beyond frustrated and barely holding on with all this back and forth. I felt like the courts had failed me. Could no one do their job? Would I have to continue in this state of unknown until August? Yep. Apparently.

I was a wreck a few days after the hearing as you can imagine because I was mentally and physically tired. I allowed myself a couple of days to focus on other things and to get my mind right. There were still things that I had to do and Munch still needed to be taken care of. After a few days of moping around, I got up and moved on with my life.

Well, last Monday when I went to get the mail I had three notices from the courts. Not thinking it was anything other than the second divorce paper and update on the August trial, I was shocked to read:

The Scheduling Order dated April 20, 2017 and the Magistrate recommendations of April 11, 2017 and May 4, 2017 are stricken. The Judgment of Absolute Divorce dated March 17, 2016 remains in full force and effect. The parties’ respective Motions for Modification shall be scheduled for three hours on the earliest available date. Notice to be sent to the parties.

What? Was I reading this correctly? That meant that a judge had reviewed our complicated file and decided that all that extra BS we were going through was not necessary and that the original divorce stood as is. Custody remained as is. We were legally divorced back to the original date granted.

I ripped open the other two envelopes and one said to schedule the Motions for Modification hearing on June 21st and to remove the merits hearing scheduled for August. The final was the hearing confirmation from the court house calendar management division. It was real. It was happening. Sooner rather than later and I didn’t have to wait until August.

What’s the big deal? Nothing really. Time. I am tired of all the back and forth and the courts are stressing me the hell out. First we’re divorced, then we’re not divorced, then we can’t have a hearing on custody because the second divorce hadn’t been signed off and then we’re really divorced (my bad) let’s go to court next month.  It is exhausting. Heck, I’m exhausted telling you about it.

But, thankfully a judge reviewed the file in it’s entirety and upheld the original divorce and decided that we didn’t have to start all over. Again. I appreciated that. I don’t know what will happen in court next month, but I’m convinced that God’s will will be done. So, I ask that you keep us all (Munch, my ex and I) in your prayers because truthfully we need it.


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    1. I am prayerful that whatever happens is God’s will so I am just trusting that. I’m happy that a judge looked at all this nonsense and didn’t want to keep jerking us around. They wanted mediation and child parenting classes, which both would have been on us to pay. So, we’ll see.

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  1. Ugh! I’m so sorry to hear you going through that. I swear, no matter what you have to go to court for, just having to go is already stressful. It’s twice as bad when you just get jerked around by the system. Hope it all works out in the end for you.

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    1. Thank you. I’m praying that it does. All this back and forth had stressed me out. I’m just happy that a judge looked at our file and said “Stop the nonsense.”


  2. OMG sis. That was great news….I guess but given the past “operating procedures” of the court, I’d be wary. What if one of you had re-married? Would you be guilty of bigamy?
    What a mess!
    Hopefully, it will all come out in the wash….LOLOL

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    1. Thanks sis. I’ve already told Mr. C that I’m setting our wedding date for something like 11.11.20. He laughed and is cool with that. I’m just happy that a judge is reviewing all this nonsense.

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  3. Wisdom appears to have finally prevailed but after all the BS you have been put through, it is too bad you can’t sue the court for damages. Can’t of course but it would be justifiable. Congratulations on your almost win. It is far better than a maybe loss. ~~dru~~

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