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Welcome February

It’s the second month in 2018. Where are you with your goals? What have you accomplished? What have you tried and just realized that you need to revamp? It’s never to late to start making goals.

Here are my goals for the month of February:

  • Volunteer at a fair
  • Submit pitch to Huffington Post
  • Plan out 2-3 blog posts a week
  • Plan out 2-3 meals a week
  • Get moderate exercise at least 3 days a week

Short and sweet I only have 5 goals this month. Here’s to hoping that I can accomplish what I have planned to do and even if I don’t here’s to trying to get organized. There’s no shame in trying.

I did something that I kept saying I was going to do for some time now. I bought a Kuerig for my desk. I love coffee and had bought K-pods because someone had brought in their Kuerig for the office to use. They took it home and it never returned. I still had k-pods and was spending money on coffee every day at Dunkin Donuts. I am now making my own coffee at work. It’s a mini so it will sit on my desk. I’m happy.

Don’t take yesterday’s problems into February and focus on having a great month. I’m wishing you nothing but love, peace and an awesome February. I know it is also Valentine’s Day, but don’t get depressed if you don’t have someone. Love you first. Self-love is critical. Do what works for you eat candy, buy your own flowers and just love on you. It’s not about having someone. It’s about having and loving on the person looking back in the mirror.



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  1. I make a goal the night before of something I will look for to photograph the next day. It makes me excited to wake up and go on an adventure. I try not to go to bed without a plan for tomorrow’s joy

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      1. Me too, I wonder how many do? I am excited each day for what I have planned the night before. Last week it was raining and I thought “yes!!! Tomorrow will be find hiding raindrops day!”

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  2. A great piece of writing! Well I’ve started 1 of my goals today – try to start blogging. I love your website and your writing so would appreciate any advise. Also, any tips on how to get views & followers?
    Looking forward to your next piece…

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been blogging for over 8 years off and on and growth is through natural attainment. Make sure your hashtags match your topic and find out what are the common searches. Read and follow other bloggers. Post often.

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  3. So far so good with my goals! I started my blog which I have been wanting to do for some time now! So excited that I actually got it up in January like I told my self I would! (Being a mommy makes things seem hard sometimes, but it’s working out just fine). Happy your achieving your goals too! Doesn’t it feel great xo

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  4. A warm and loving simple post…Love it! May your February be filled with love, laughter, joy and new blessings. I wish you the best with your February goals. I am going to pen down mine right away *wink.

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