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Not Even Superman Texts Faster Than A Pissed-off Girlfriend

So.... yeah about that pissed off girlfriend... who texts so fast that you can't even get one text out before she's already sent 5. And I when I say 5... I mean 5 loooong texts.

So…. yeah about that pissed off girlfriend… who texts so fast that you can’t even get one text out before she’s already sent 5. And I when I say 5… I mean 5 loooong texts. You know the ones… your cell phone provider can’t handle the length so they break them up into different texts while you’re still trying to compose one!

Yeah, I’ve been that guy… I’m a generally fast texter, but not one male on the planet earth, matches the raw texting speed of a pissed off girlfriend (or wife). It’s like, in that moment, nothing else matters to her. It’s gets so bad you just stop responding and wait for that brief pause, so you can press send on your 1 measly text.

I’ve gotten so frustrated, that I just put my phone down and let the notifications go off. At that moment when they stop… you pick your phone up, and another one comes through (face palm). So… most men know, when this happens, you have seriously f’d-up. So what’s your next move? You send back a text with 10 words, vs. the 10,000 she sent—and she responds…”that’s all you have to say?”

At that very moment, you have no words… just a blank stare.

Homer-Blank Stare

You start to type in your response, and you stop, read what you typed, and delete it. Then, you start again, stop, and delete it. This redundant process goes on for the next 15 minutes. No sent text, no reply, no rebuttal. If you do happen to press send, you’ve reviewed what you typed like the editor of a world famous magazine.

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no dammit, it’s your girlfriend trying to get her point across.

My advice?

Let her.


  1. My biggest complaint is the fact that this is text oriented. We are so disconnected, even from our mates–when we interact in such a way. I’m just not the kind of girl willing to get any point across with such a disconnect. Relationships are doomed if we continue along a path that disregards the passion of real life interactions–so much can be misinterpreted.

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  2. This was me about 12-15 years ago! Ha! I’m sure it’s more the norm now, sadly.
    I agree with Danielle. I will respond with a “call me if you want to discuss this” or “I’m not speaking on this via text” because, like you mentioned, words get misconstrued. And that’s dangerous for both parties.

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    1. In a past relationship, she loved to text. It drove me crazy because we’d have long conversations via text and things would get misinterpreted often. Yet she still wouldn’t pick up the phone. Needless to say, we aren’t together anymore.

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  3. Ok it’s not funny in the moment, but oh so true I’ve gotta laugh 😂 All you can do is ride it out if it’s worth it to you. You are right!!!


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