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I felt you before I saw you. It was like I knew you before ever having our first conversation

Damn, no one told me that this extreme feeling of longing and passion could ever happen from someone I didn’t know

It was fortuitous that I would be sitting there smoking a cigar and feel you walk in. It was like an electrical surge connecting me to my power source

It was intense and I couldn’t escape the fact that we’d been together somewhere somehow

Hell, I didn’t even know your name but I knew that in another life I was and had always belonged to you

Our souls connected in a space where time ceased to exist and this feeling of wanting to taste you burned deep in my soul

I needed to breathe

I needed to see

I needed to get away from this feeling that soul ties were real

How could they be real?

I had never tasted you. You never penetrated my soul with your sword seeking solace from the bitterness of this world in my womb

In that moment all that mattered was air

I was suffocating in this space where no one existed but you and me

I needed to breathe

I moved

You moved and approached me

You felt it

The fire

The passion

The purpose of two lives that would be inextricably connected for no other reason other than the stars had aligned it to be

I was captivated by your presence

Tall, sexy, chocolate

You smiled

It touched your eyes

You sensed it

The connection

Our shit was powerful as hell

You wanted me like I wanted you

You leaned down and kissed me

No words

No questions

No pleasantries exchanged

You just knew that I belonged to you

Your lips were soft and I purred like a kitten in your mouth as I tasted all of who you are

Your hands brushed my hips and cupped my ass

Your kiss was strong and urgent and I was getting delirious with the scent and taste of your tongue

I was the first to break our bond

I sighed

Told you my name

You laughed

Told me your name

You kissed my lips tenderly and told me that it is time to go

Where are we going I asked?



Tikeetha Thomas©


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