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Interview – Part III

Happy Hump Day Loves!


It’s the last Wednesday in July and I’m finally posting the final interview. You can check out Part I here: Interview Part I  and Part II here: Interview Part II

Pull up to your computer and get your coffee and muffin and enjoy this final video. This was by far the funniest of the three. I talk about bullying, Munch and parenting issues and parenting advice. Oh, the joy of being a mom to a boy.

I really enjoyed talking to these ladies that I’ve followed and admired for years. They are amazing mothers, bloggers and sisters! Check out their websites: Lady G (the Intuitive) at Seek the Best Blog, Michelle (the Counselor) at Me, Intimately Worded and Dr. KE Garland (the Professor) at Kwoted


Want to keep in touch? You can find me on social media at the following links: Twitter @mskeeinmd, Facebook page A Thomas Point of View and my Instagram page @mskeeinmd.

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