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“Pick Better Partners”

Short and to the point this blogger points out the fact that inevitably when we commiserate about our former partners that there is always someone stating “well you chose them.” We did. However, what if you asked yourself what you are doing to make sure the next generation of children (including your own) would be able to recognize healthy partners and in fact be emotionally healthy themselves.

Check out this post via “Pick Better Partners”


  1. Thank you! It has always been frustrating to hear or see that said. My mom didn’t see any signs of the future abuse she was to endure at the hands of my stepfather. The first couple years were great. After their first child together was born, things took that unexpected turn and it took almost a decade to break herself free from the abuse. I see it in discussions regarding domestic violence and ways to prevent it. I feel like slapping every person who says “Well they need to start picking better partners” as though that is a viable solution to the abuse people endure in the name of love.

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