Why Not Blog?

I read this great post the other day on The Isaiah 53:5 Project asking “Why Blog?” I loved this question because I think many of us can agree that we all think that at some point. Why Blog? I’ve even felt that way. Why waste my time trying to write something folks may never read?

Then it hit me…why not? Why not write because you have something to say and even if no one reads your stuff you are still sharing your words. Your truth. We want to engage our readers. In my case, my writings vary daily from topics. I wear many hats so I write what I feel.

I will write about God, Jesus, the holy trinity. Dating, relationships, sex, money, parenting, sins, work, career, black lives matter, health, fitness and my munch. My stories vary, but I get less likes on my Jesus posts than anything.

Same thing happens on Facebook when I tell how awesome God is.  Maybe a sprinkling of likes, but when I post a picture of me I get so many likes. Does that mean we’re shallow? We don’t like someone spreading the good news? I don’t know. I don’t sweat it. Because all I can tell you is my truth. My point of view. So, I write. I blog. Without ceasing.

And so should you.

You don’t have to be a scholar to share your words. Even if you reach one person then it’s worth it. We blog because it’s worth it. We write because it’s worth it. We share our truth, stories or poetry because it’s worth it.

Don’t give up fellow bloggers. Keep blogging. Keep engaging and just keep writing.