Where Do Babies Come From?

Where do babies come from?  The dreaded question where parents pause, sweat and begin to stutter when their inquisitive child asks that question.  Guess what? You don’t have to sweat the sex talk to your little one, just ask my munch to tell you where babies come from.  It is the most beautiful and endearing parts of motherhood…his ability to put pieces together and explain things to others in the simplest form.

A couple of months ago, munch and I were talking and he said to me “Mommy, do you want me to tell you the story of where babies come from?” Now, I know many of you my find this interesting, but munch likes to tell stories about everything and we gleefully listen as he begins to explain things from his six year old point of view.  I said, “Of course love, tell me where do babies come from”.  
He said, “When a mommy and daddy are married and they want to have a baby, God sends an angel down from Heaven to live and grow in the mommy’s stomach until it is time for the baby angel to be born. God does this because he sent his son, Jesus to die for us so God gives us everything.  Once the baby is born, the baby cries and the mommy and daddy kiss the baby and say I love you forever.” I smiled with complete and utter amazement that my son had formulated a response to one of the most dreaded questions and it was both simple and biblical based that I didn’t know what to do other than say, “You’re so smart munch. Thanks for telling me.”

So, a couple of weeks ago when he attended camp, he told the other children and adults the same story. When I came and picked him up from camp, one of the teachers wanted to know could she please take him to her church’s vacation Bible School the first week in August. She said, “I will bring him home.” She said she loved the way he explained where do babies come from and she had never heard it broken down like that. She asked what church we attended and said how munch told her how he got a medal from his church school because he loved God and was learning about Jesus. I smiled.

I know that it is not medically accurate and I know that one day when he takes his sex education class that he will learn the truth, but that day is still a few years off and I can keep his child like mind in tact. I appreciate everyday knowing that his imagination is filled with his love for his parents and his understanding about God and life. In my child’s brilliant little mind, he has interpreted how children are born to their parents. It is the sweetest and most endearing story and I just smiled because in all my baby’s six years on this earth, I am just overwhelmed by the favor that God has shown me with this little one. So, if you ever want to know where babies come from, just ask my munch because he will tell you and I promise you that you will never be the same.


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