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Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

Proverbs 17:17 (MSG)

One Who Knows Much Says Little

17 Friends love through all kinds of weather,
    and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.

You may not know this, but I’m kinda neurotic and difficult. Gasp! LOL! For real though. I’ve been known to actually get on people’s nerves. My true friends know that I am like an onion whose layers you have to peel back to get to know. So, they take their time and encourage and support me as I do them. They break down the walls around my heart and assemble inside it and let me know that our friendship is true and just. I love having friends.

Today one of my oldest and dearest friends turns 40. I met him when I was 13 and had just moved to Powder Mill Village. Through good times and bad times I can always count on his loyalty towards our friendship. My friendships are important and knowing that I will always have someone who will see the best in me and encourage me to push through my pain makes me extremely blessed.

It was him who helped rearrange my life after my marriage ended. He was so worried one day when we went out to eat. I asked, “What’s wrong?” He said, “I’m worried about you. There are many things you take for granted in marriage like having someone to care for you when you’re sick that I worry…what will happen if you get cancer? Who will take care of you?” I laughed and said, “My mom and my girlfriends. Men aren’t equipped to see someone they love being sick. I’ll be okay.”

Weird huh? But, that is what true friends think about. Who will take care of you? I never doubt that if I’m sick that he won’t step up to the plate and care for me just like my son’s father, but I’m thankful knowing that he is concerned about me just the same.

I don’t have many people I can count on in my life, but God chose this man to be someone I can count on. So, I want to say “Welcome to the 40 Club dear friend! I wish you only the best for this day and all year through.”


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