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Just Friends

I saw this post on Facebook earlier this week and I started to wonder if it is true? I mean can you be just friends with someone you once fell in love with? Is it possible? I mean Hollywood makes it seem like you can. You know the celebrity relationships that begin and end with the statement “we are still friends” after spending years together. Is it true? Are they really friends?



I would like to think so. I’ve loved and been loved and I think that sometimes you can have a relationship not work out and still want to engage in just friendship. However, it is unrealistic to expect that it will last. Why? Mainly because men and women are jealous individuals. We don’t want our exes to be friends with former loves.

We seem to think that means that they will circle back and find out that the person who is “just their friend” is really their soul mate. Hilarious right? There was a reason it didn’t work out. But, such is life. My loves and I are friends when they are single. When they are in relationships, our friendships are non-existent. It sucks, but I’ve accepted the reality because I don’t want to cause them pain.

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