Curvy Girls Can Move Too

During one of my weekly Facebook strolls I came across this fantastic video of a curvy girl getting her love for dance on. Why is this awesome? Because it shows that big girls can move too. The dancer, Whitney Thore, worked it and I wanted to share this video.

Now, I have to tell you that I’m upset by some of the hateful and hurtful things that people are posting on-line about this video. Why is it that people are always quick to hate on plus size women? Some of the comments on this page are so hurtful that I pray that those that are trolling and making evil comments will just stop it. No one deserves to be criticized for their love of dance.

Plus size sisters have it hard. We have to listen to the comments that we’re too big to be at an all you can eat or to big to dance or too big to do yoga. Why is this dancing video too much for you? Do you know how many calories dancing burns? She’s exercising and strengthening her muscles and I’m proud of this sister!

Bravo to Whitney and all my plus sized sisters who love to dance and move.

Please note that you will have to click on the title of this post if you are receiving it by email to access this video.


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