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Dating Chronicles: Your Past

I don’t judge people of their past. We’ve all done things that we weren’t proud of. We all sin differently. That being said,  even though I don’t judge you on your past doesn’t mean that I want you in my present. Am I wrong? Maybe. But, for me some things are a given.

I met a gentleman that made it past the texting back and forth on-line stage. He seemed nice enough, smart enough and friendly enough to get my fake number and we could text or talk back and forth. Well, during our very first conversation, I almost choked on what he said. Thankfully, I didn’t. It must have been years of my ability to perfect the stone face.


You know the face that is devoid of emotion when something catches you by surprise? The face you make when someone on your job says something so out of line that you want to smack the taste out of their mouth? You know that face you make when you find out that there are layoffs and your job may be in jeopardy? Yep, that stone face. I made it.

Okay, so here’s how the conversation went with Mr. G.

Me:  So, how long have you been doing on-line dating?

Mr. G: Since September.

Me:  Really? How have you found the experience?

Mr. G: Not good. There are a lot of interesting women out there. Many have problems and are just out for self.

Me: Wow! Well, I’ve been finding that there are a lot of broken men out there. Men who have been so damaged from their last relationship that they can’t even have a conversation with a woman.

Mr. G: Really? Oh, so have you met any nice men on-line?

Me: Yep, a few. We’ve developed friendships. They are rational and sane. LOL.

Mr. G: Okay, so I have to tell you the truth…

Me: Okay, about what?

Mr. G:  Well, I just got out in August. I was in jail for narcotics. But, I’ve got my truck and I’m working so I’m good.

Me: Uh huh.

Mr. G: I understand if this means that you don’t want to have anything to do with me.

Me: I don’t judge anyone by their past, but I have to be honest it will never go beyond friendship. I have a son and I am not envisioning a future with someone who just got out of jail that I just met.

Mr. G: I understand.

You see? The stone faced. What is wrong with me! Ugh! What is up with all these clowns trying to date me? I mean you just got out of jail in August. I hope you find love and all that, but I’m more interested in a man that is thinking about his retirement plan than checking in with his probation officer. No matter how beautiful he may be.

And the journey continues.


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