Jazz Under the Stars

I went to the Capital Jazz Festival in Columbia, Maryland last Friday night. I had a ball. I invited Mr. K (one of the guys I met on-line before taking my break) to accompany me.


Neither of us had ever attended and I got tips on what to bring. I had bought the tickets in April and since he and I had been hanging out and having a blast, I thought it was a great way to show him that I’m thankful for the time and money spent (investment obviously) on dating me. So, I invited him and decided to do it up.

I got a couple of lawn chairs, packed a cooler with ice and refreshments and a picnic basket with Jerk chicken wraps, chicken and grape salad, and fruit bowls. Ah, it was pretty darn romantic if I say so myself. Not that I was trying to send any signals. Mr. K actually likes my nerdy qualities, but I wanted to do something special.

We had a blast. We laughed, danced and listened to music while under the stars. Best time I’ve had in a while. He’s 48 and I’m 40. He’s got a body that would put some 20 year olds to shame. I have more curves than the Pacific Coast Highway and he likes them! He’s spontaneous and I’m not. He has a great sense of humor and I’m snarky. He’s an introvert and I’m an extrovert. He listens.

He was a perfect gentleman and guess what? He didn’t do anything whack that would make me stop calling. For that I’m thankful.

He’s still in the possibility category.



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