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Why Doesn’t He Love Me?!

What an incredible post that I wanted to share. I’ve been there and done that. It was so real for me. How about you?

Miss T. N. king

I’ve asked myself so many times, “What’s wrong with me?”   I’ve been dating for three years and no serious, committed relationships have come from any of it.  There have been nights where I would become so frustrated.

It seems like the guys who adored me were nice but that’s all they were–nice.  We lacked common interests, chemistry and connection.  Then there’s the guy who possesses majority of things you want in a partner.  You two begin to talk, click and eventually build.   But somewhere along the way, things went left and now your Mr. Future joins your list of Mr. Pasts.

I’ve wasted so much time analyzing things I could not control–people and the past.  “Maybe he was thinking this or that”, “maybe I should have reworded that message”, “oh crap, I shouldn’t have went off–now he thinks I’m crazy and definitely doesn’t want me.”


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