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Mommy Blues

Munch had his doctor’s visit last week for his annual check up. I actually had the school forms and camp forms ready to give to the pediatrician so I was excited that I was on point with the tasks that were still outstanding. Now, I had already had a rough day because he was supposed to be with his dad last week, but his dad was hospitalized (another story) so I became a full-time mommy with a full-time mommy schedule. That was hard!

So, that day was rough for me because I was off work, had a funeral, took my car in for an estimate (another story) and then we had the doctor’s visit. My girlfriend’s daughter watched munch while I went to the funeral and I headed over to get him so that we could continue with the day’s errands. When we get to the doctor’s office, I was actually 30 minutes early. They said, “No problem, we can take him back now.” What? For real? Bonus!


They do the standard measurements, height, weight, etc and then the doctor comes in. Now, I love his pediatrician. She is so wonderful. I remembered that she held my premature baby in one hand when she first met him, now he’s 7 and not so tiny. Which brings me to my point of these dang mommy blues.

After she did the examination of munch, completed the paperwork, she said, “Mom, he’s in the 95th percentile in weight. He’s getting too big. He put on 15 pounds since his last yearly check-up and we need to figure out how to slow it down.” What? He grew 3 inches. Are you serious? I said, “I bake everything, we get second portions of vegetables only. Yes, I do fast food when we have a late soccer practice, but not everyday. I don’t understand how this could happen? I keep him active with Tae Kwan Do, swimming and soccer.” She asked, “What about the sugars?” Huh?


I sat there like an idiot starting at her. She went on to explain that it could be the amount of sugar he’s digesting. I NEVER read the labels about sugar content. I sighed in exasperation and said, “This is hard. I never thought about the sugar content.” She told me to not be so hard on myself, but to ditch the syrup for breakfast on the waffles and only give him water and 3 glasses of skim milk a day. No more orange juice, apple juice or Gatorade. Water and skim milk. Ugh!


This parenting thing is hard. How am I supposed to remember everything? How can I read, research and apply techniques only to find out that they don’t work? I was so disturbed and distressed that I literally nodded and said, “Okay, I will make the adjustments.” Munch just sat there looking at me.

I said ,”Munch, we need to increase your water, cut your sugars and no more Gatorade or orange juice.” He looked at me and said, “Uh, okay mommy.” But, guess what happened? The next morning as I awoke to fix him breakfast and added syrup to his pancakes and poured him a glass of orange juice he said, “Mommy, I thought we need to cut my sugars. No more syrup or orange juice.” I replied, “After, we’ve exhausted what I bought then no more. I only added a teaspoon of syrup to your pancakes and you are drinking water for the rest of the day.” Dang child! He listens to everything.

Back to the drawing board. Now, it’s time to read the labels because I don’t want my child to suffer any health problems because I can’t seem to get it together and read the dang labels. I need to regroup and meal plan while reducing his sugar intake. More water, no juice in the household and we will incorporate bike riding into a weekly activity. I mean he has a bike that he doesn’t even know how to ride.

I will keep you posted.

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