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Gratuitous Overflow

As I’ve shared previously that munch’s dad was hospitalized and that created a momentary lapse of chaos in my life. I had to become a full-time mom full-time. The change in scheduling and our routine threw us off. We were in chaos and we didn’t know how long. I mean when you share custody, you know your days on and days off and you carve out “mommy time” into your off days.

Mommy time consists of doctors appointments, nail appointments, hair appointments, dates and happy hours with the girls. My routine was disrupted and I didn’t know how to handle it. Thankfully, I have a village of awesome people surrounding me that made it easier. I am truly blessed.

It started with me having my mom watch munch last Monday while Mr. K and I went out to dinner. Normally, I don’t date on the weeks I have my son, but I needed the adult time and I was up for a drink, dinner and nice conversation. We had a wonderful time as usual and he said, “We can go out when your schedule clears. I know you got a lot on your plate right now and I don’t want to disrupt.” What?

Yep, he’s a keeper y’all. I quickly replied, “Nope, I need this time and this is my new normal. I don’t know how long his dad will be unavailable, but I just need 24 hours and we can get together.” I was in awe of this man’s generous spirit and left to go get my munch who wasn’t sleep from my mom’s.

That night, my girlfriend sends me a text and says that she can keep munch if I wanted to go out on Friday night. She offered to come to my house so he can be in bed by a normal time. How awesome is that? I replied that it was okay, but that I wasn’t going anywhere because we were slated to go to Philadelphia on Saturday and I wanted to get some rest the night before.

It’s now Tuesday and my co-worker offers to keep my son overnight if I want so that he can play with her kids if I ever want or need a break. I had tears in my eyes. You see that? The village is overflowing with gratuitous people. I smiled and said thank you. My boss then comes into my office at 4:35 p.m. (I leave at 5 pm) to say that she needs me to present at the executive committee meeting on Friday. She said that it was moved from July 1st to the 26th and she will be out-of-town. Uh, okay?

On Wednesday, my god-daughter kept munch while I attended the Cigna Summit and got to see Magic Johnson speak. It was incredible. I will post on that next week. He rejuvenated my spirit and encouraged my soul. I needed his message because I was feeling overwhelmed.


On Thursday, it was rough. I posted about the whole experience with the funeral, car estimate and munch’s doctors appointment. But, before that I have to tell you that I had no one to keep my son while I went to the funeral and my co-worker said, “Bring him in here. I will watch him in your office while you go to the funeral.” You see that right? My God!

Friday brought my son to the office with me and being watched by my co-workers while I presented before the executive committee. I was in awe of the people who I work with and how they stepped up and stepped in and made my life easier. My son was in good hands and I could do my job. Isn’t that the wish of every working mother?

Yes it is!

It’s Saturday and our trip to Philadelphia got rescheduled because we experienced torrential rains and flooding but my girlfriend and I decided to get the kids together regardless. We had a ball. Food, ice cream and friendship always makes it better. Her and her husband offered to keep munch anytime for a weekend at a time. They already have 3 kids and here they were offering to keep one more. Wow! I love them so much.


The week rounded out with an incredible birthday party on Sunday and it really uplifted my spirits being out and celebrating the birth of their son. My son and I had a blast. They had a moon bounce, a Mickey Mouse and Popsicle’s. That’s all munch needed. Well, the pinata too. What a way to end a rough week.


I can bear the disruption. I can bear that I am now on full-time mommy duty. I can bear it all because I have the best village ever! I have been supplied with men and women who will help me when I am overwhelmed by it all. Whether it is a quick drink, dinner or keeping my son busy with activities I am thankful for it all because I have an attitude of gratitude.

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