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Recognizing the Difference

1.  the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.”the company’s commitment to quality
2. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action “business commitments”

I saw this post on one of the many blogs I subscribe too. Not sure where it came from, but I am sure of the feeling it invoked in me…



Accountability for my actions. For my part in everything that I do. I needed to own it. I needed to examine whether I was being interested or committed.

I recently shared my health journey with you and my desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Well, let me tell you the struggle is real. Some days are harder than others. I don’t do a food journal because I hate writing about what I eat and many times I can’t remember. Someone suggested that I take a photo and log it later.

Good idea. I will remember to do that. I hate working out. I do it because I want to be healthier, but do you know how hard it is trying to find work out videos to do at home with a 7-year-old? Ugh.

I hate it.

I did this video last week:

I’m working on this one for this week:

I’m trying to mix it up. I don’t want my body getting used to it. I’ve been eating healthier, cooking more at home and crunching on cucumbers, carrots and grapes. I feel like I’m a rabbit. Slow and steady. “Try to enjoy it” the voice whispers in my head.

I am not enjoying it! I’m not supposed to right? I’m supposed to keep at it. Keep up the work. More energy out and fewer calories in. Keep pushing forward. Don’t watch the scale. Don’t drink that beautiful glass of Riesling. No don’t touch that beautiful cigar that was rolled to perfection. Don’t worry, your hips will love you later.

It’s a lot of pressure. I’m just existing. I’m not committed. I’m going through the motions. I need to change my attitude. I need to be committed to lead a healthier lifestyle. It starts with me. I’ve got to change my perception and outlook. I’ve got to be better. It starts with me.

Can I be committed?



  1. I could write a blog about this myself. Every day is like this. I am trying to do better with my eating. Not quite able to do any exercise yet but I am working on that. In any case, I enjoyed your blog this morning. As I got up to do my morning routine it encouraged me to be truly committed.


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