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First Crush

So, Munch is in love with this girl at school. Ya’ll know that I’m having a fit right? I keep thinking that I’m not ready for this. He’s only 7. But, as he says it….I have a crush mommy. Ugh!

I’m trying to be supportive. I mean I don’t want him to grow up and be unable to talk to me about things that matter in his life. Girls. I wasn’t expecting that. I figured I had another 6 years. Parents laughed at my naivete and said, “Wait until he wants money to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift”. What? No way. Really?

I’ve begrudgingly have accepted the fact that my baby has his first crush with a girl named Savannah. She’s absolutely beautiful. In another second grade class and he’s in love.

Okay not love, his first crush. Welcome to motherhood!


Do you remember your first crush?


  1. Aw that’s cute ❤ my daughter aged 9 planned a wedding with her beau last summer holidays – it was taking place on the school playing field – she even wrote invitations – mine was for the evening only 😨 needless to say – I cancelled the wedding ……

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  2. Girls start even younger…my oldest began in Kindergarten – and so did I! How can I talk. Cute, and all good at this point. Enjoy it.

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  3. You are not naive at all! Girls seem to have crushes since they can talk lol But with boys it varies so much. There are some that do not have their first crush until they reach their teens and then there are others that are toddlers chasing around other toddlers;) What I think is so sweet is that he shared it with you:)

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  4. Oh oh! Lol. Thank Goodness my son hasn’t said anything like this yet. I think he’s had crushes before but he doesn’t tell me. I know the little girls liked him because they all showed up to his birthday party. Lol.

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