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Can I just tell you that I love my friends? God has afforded me some of the most wonderful people to enter my life. I am forever changed by my friendships. I actually have a lot of female friends. Most people are surprised to hear this.

Why? Because so many women will say that they don’t have a lot of female friends because females are jealous and hating on them. Umm, really? Why would women you don’t know just “hate” on you for no reason? Most women? I’m not talking about the random person that just doesn’t like you but most people shouldn’t “hate” on you. LOL.

I’ll never understand that logic. But, I’m here to tell you that there is nothing like friendship. Whether male or female relationships, cherish them. I do. I love my friends.

I always swore that if I ever became famous I would thank my friends because they have encouraged, chastised and motivated my spirit. They really are the wind beneath my wings. From calling just to say hi, shooting a text or email, grabbing dinner or drinks to scheduling play dates, I’m thankful.

Friendship love is awesome.



  1. My friends are amazing! All females and now their boyfriends/fiances/husbands I welcome with open arms. I love my group. I’ve known them since high school (16 years) and they’ve been by me through all my rough spots.

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  2. As a guy I can say woman friends are the best! When I got blindsided with my divorce it was like a whole area of women I had been friends with (strictly platonic) became unofficial big and little sisters looking after me. Hell even in blogger world I’d say its a 3 to 1 ratio on my cyber pals. That could also be because EVERY DAMN WOMAN has a blog!

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