Eunique Jones Gibson

My Black History person of the day is Eunique Jones Gibson who is making Herstory known all over the world. I discovered her a few years ago on Facebook from her Because of Them We Can campaign which takes African American trailblazers reenacted with children. I love her work. She is a talented photographer, mother and she’s telling our story all over the world. She’s an artist and an activist who shares black history 24/7, not just during the month of February.


Check out some of these photos she’s done for Black History Month. These are her photos and I have no rights to them. Please purchase her work from her website here:  Because of Them We Can




She’s phenomenal right? Check out her Facebook page as well here:  Because of Them We Can Facebook Page. I promise you will love her as much as I do.



Disclaimer: I own no rights to these photos. A Google search was performed for the picture of Eunique and the Because of Them We Can photographs are the work of her. 



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