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Hey Folks!

I’ve missed ya’ll so much. It has been so busy these last couple of weeks that I feel a major rest coming on. But, I wanted to let you know some things:

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I read about it on Sunday night. So, you know I haven’t done anything right? Don’t fret loves. I’m not going to forget my Munch’s teachers. I never do. We have a wonderful PTSA who gives you a suggestion of what you should do for your teachers each week:

Teacher Appreciation Week – Day-by-Day

Day Teacher Appreciation Example
Monday Fruit Day


Bring your teacher a piece of fruit and give them a healthy day!

·         Apple

·         Oranges

·         Bananas

·         Pears



Say “Thank You” Day


Students and Parents can write “Thank You” notes to the teachers

·         Thank You Card

·         Gift Card with a Thank You

·         Thank You Balloon

Wednesday Teacher Supply Day


Deliver a  needed school supply to the class

·         Pack of Paper

·         Dry Erase Markers

·         Sticky Notes

Thursday Teachers Luncheon  / Kids Bring Dessert


The teachers will receive a delicious lunch from the PTSA!

·         Individual Size

·         Cookies, Cake, Pie



Teacher’s Candy Day


Bring your Teacher’s Favorite Candy

·         Snickers


Handy huh? So, Munch will still do it but at the end of the week because I am so last minute with everything. I love and value his teachers so this is a pretty reasonable list. Good news though, we finally figured out what we’re going to give. Munch and I decided that we would buy an electric pencil sharpener with some pencils and some fruit and candy on Friday.

I’m overwhelmed. How overwhelmed? I’m still living in boxes. Slowly unpacking and trying to get organized. I was exhausted last week with cleaning my old spot and Munch’s party that I think I unpacked a cumulative of 2 boxes. Two. Out of 20 remaining.


Munch’s birthday was last Saturday with a party honoring his 8 years on this earth. He’s hilarious. He woke up saying…

Munch:  Umm, excuse me Mommy?

Me: Yes, love.

Munch:  Today’s my birthday and you didn’t say Happy Birthday.

Me: Dude, you just woke up. Give me a second.

I screamed “Happy Birthday Baby!” and provided lots of hugs, kisses and giggles.

We had a busy day on Saturday with his 9 am swim test for Level 3. He didn’t pass. He cried. He also said he needed a new swim instructor and wanted me to talk to him. LOL. All the signs of an only child who is showing signs of entitlement. I politely said “No, I saw you mess up on the exam and these are important things you need so next time we’ll just try harder.” He wasn’t too happy.

We didn’t have long to reflect on it because off to the soccer field we had to go. He had a game at 10:30. He was in a melancholy mood but his spirits improved when he saw his team and rushed to the sidelines. His team won their game. They are 4-1. It was a great birthday gift.


I wrote the letter to him  last week for his birthday and read it to him on his birthday. I asked him did he like it and he told me that he didn’t like. I laughed and said okay. You’re entitled to not like everything.

However, all this week if I’m upset about something, he’ll say “Are you mad because I didn’t like the letter you wrote?”Really Munch? This kid.

He loved the video I made for him. Check it out here: https://flipagram.com/f/oSbbC1jMeM

I didn’t take any photos of the party because I hired a photographer and was preoccupied trying to get the place set-up. Thank God for all of my phenomenal friends who came through and we’re helping to set-up and take down. More on that later. Here are some photos I did take. Check out the cake.



Finally, we’re still going through the psychological evaluation and the doctor did the intelligence testing last night. He said that they didn’t get a chance to finish, but he’s truly impressed from what he’s seen now. He keeps telling us that our son is smarter than most kids his age and with an advanced vocabulary he’s being ostracized by other kids. I get that he’s smart, but I also know that my son doesn’t want to apply himself if he’s not interested. So, what do you do? When you have a child who is brilliant but doesn’t want to do the work? He’s bored, but we can’t all do what makes us happy can we? Ugh!

Mother’s Day is Sunday and Munch and I are taking my mom out to dinner. I’m excited. So is Munch. He likes Mother’s Day and I’m going to encourage him to make some home made love this weekend. We like homemade love.

That’s it for now folks. I’ll be back next week to my regularly scheduled program. You are all missed and I thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus. I’ve gained some new followers and met some great connections. Thank you for being you.



  1. You are SUPER Mom!!! Get it, girl! That party spread puts my yellow party to shaaaaammmmeee. Gotta up my whole life game now! My whole game!

    And the smile on that child’s face in his little uniform… the Preciousness cannot be contained.
    Love and blessings to both of you. Seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks lady! I don’t do it often. He had a great time and in the end that was all that matters. My friends are fabulous and I’m thankful for everyone that came out. It was great that they won the soccer game. It put him in a good mood.


  2. I LOVED that video!
    That baby has so much personality; you can tell just by looking at the pictures. He’s also a very handsome young man.
    Looks like he’ll be very well rounded and that is wonderful! Keep up the good work Sis!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hiiiii! Welcome back! Lol! Sounds like a busy few weeks! Bday party looks epic! Cake = awesomeness! Winning soccer game = perfection!

    Teacher appreciation memo: I’m writing these suggestions down because I like em!

    As for the evaluation, I’m not surprised. The way you describe your son sounds like a gifted child with a great sense of awareness. My 7 yr old daughter is similar; she’s the smartest in her 1st grade gifted class and has a crazy vocabulary and ability to reason. She’s used to everything coming easy to her. But man… once she has to actually has to learn something she has no interest in (i.e. complicated math like multiplication and large number subtraction), she whines and wails like a baby! That laziness drives me batty.

    (So I finally just recently showed her what a human brain looks like. And explained to her that all those folds are things a person has learned. So the more you learn and the more challenging it is, the more “muscular” your brain will be, blah, blah, blah. So far, it’s gotten us over the close-to-the-end-of-the-year hump and she hasn’t complained since. I’m sure she will soon again but it gave her food for thought. Weird kid. Lol!)

    Sorry to write so much. Have a great weekend and Feliz dia de las madres!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the long post. Yep, the party was great and the cake decorator did an awesome job on the favors. I’m going to do that with the human brain because it drives me nuts that he acts like he can’t learn anything. It is frustrating and I just feel like I’m pulling my hair out. I thought talented and gifted kids are just supposed to do it? I mean I did put him in a French Immersion program. LOL. I’m just trying to get him to do what he needs to do even if he doesn’t want to.

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