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Friday Afterthoughts – 5/20/2016

I was thinking of doing a Friday Afterthoughts post to share a lesson learned during my blogging week. It might not be every Friday because ya’ll know that there are many things that I just don’t listen or learn when I should. LOL. But, I wanted to share the lesson and how it applies to me.

Here goes…

So, I shared with you in my post yesterday about my mommy meltdown and how I had cursed at my Munch and the anguish that I felt afterwards. I truly felt like a bad mommy. I was sitting here thinking what did I learn? Because there is always a lesson to be learned. Even if I don’t want to learn it there is something to be learned and I had to do better.

Why? Because I’m his mother and I want to lead by example. Be someone that he can look up to know that I made mistakes, but I didn’t make the same mistake twice (I made new ones) and that I apologize when I’m wrong. Apologies matter.

My lesson learned was this…I learned that we all mistakes. Just like I make them in my normal every day life, I make them in parenting. I’m not perfect. But, what I learned is that in the same way that God forgives me, I have to be able to forgive myself. I have to do better.

I was out of line and out of pocket cursing at my Munch. I’m sure I’ve done some things that God would probably put his palm to head when thinking about me and my mistakes but he isn’t cursing me (that I know of). He’s loving me in spite of my disobedience and sending me reminders to get back on track.

I need to forgive myself. Have better self-control and walk away from frustrating situations. I’m not perfect. I’m just trying to be better.

James 3:2 (NLT)

Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.


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