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Random Thoughts – 06.20.18

Last week I was drinking some water and spilled half the bottle of water on my computer. My computer won’t cut back on. I sighed. I complained. I wanted to cry. Heck, Munch did cry because he wanted to play a Sonic The Hedgehog game on my computer. I didn’t stay in the place of despair.

I quietly said a prayer and ordered a new computer. It’s been 3 years. It was unfortunate, but I’m going to be spending a lot of time this year writing and blogging so I need a working computer. I also need to work with Munch this summer with typing as he will now be typing his papers for English class. I guess it died when it needed to. But, thank God that I could afford another one.

I’m feeling better mentally and physically. Mentally about my break-up and physically with my body. I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in years. I can’t wait to get back to the gym. I learned some interesting things about my body during this process, but it was all good. I started making a list again – yes a list. A list of qualities that I want in a partner since it’s been a while dating other people. Ya’ll know I kissed a lot of frogs before meeting Mr. C, so I’m not looking forward to the frog kissing stage, but I’ll be dating.

I’m probably looking more to spending this summer living my best life and focusing on me and enjoying each day. I have some things planned with Munch and I’m getting serious about my book. I’ve done the outline and I’m just trying to get the short stories together to develop it into the masterpiece I pray it will be.

I have a busy summer with Munch. Between his swimming, private flute lessons and summer camp I’m adding tutoring at Mathnasium so that he can stay fresh in math and that he can work through these word problems. I discovered this year that Munch likes to just work on a math problem on a computer, but he won’t pull out a piece of paper and pencil and work the problem first before answering the question. This leads to many failed tests. That’s something we’ll be working on.

Between the beach and the trip home to Tennessee it will go by quickly. I won’t be taking any long trips because I exhausted leave for my surgery and I’ve only been at my job for two years so I don’t have much leave. Oh, today is my 2 year work anniversary. I still love my job. I consider myself blessed.

That’s about it for the random things in my life right now. How are you? Any exciting plans?

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  1. That’s brave of you wanting to date again. I think if this one ends, I’m done. Lol. We are used to each other already. Do you think you would get back with your ex if he wanted to?

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    1. We would both need to want it and we would have to go to couples counseling before getting back together because I have a lot of things that I don’t want him to just brush under the rug that I would like a professional to look at to determine if it’s even worth it I’m not just going to just accept a “hey let’s get back together” without understanding the depth of his issues, my issues and whether or not it’s worth it

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      1. That’s understandable. Sometimes it’s worth it to fight for a relationship. As you already know, relationships take work. Maybe you just need some time apart. You’re a great mom! Our kids always need us and need to come first. I like that you are putting your son first. Things will get better no matter what happens. 💖😊

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  2. Hugs! Big hugs. Even in the “valley” we will be given the strength to walk out of it. I trust you to work this out for yourself. I trust you to keep healing. I’ll go back and catch-up on the why of Mr. C. Again, you are the greatest and deserving of all the good things.

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      1. I enjoy your blog…its personal. It’s real. I pray for you through your challenges. You’re not alone…thank you for sharing your life. Continue being great and different and above all loving. You got this, handled!

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